W is for … water and wildflowers

W water and wildflowersIf you are in Texas, know someone in Texas, or used to be from Texas, maybe even if you are within 1,000 miles of Texas, you know that it has been bluebonnet season down here. Everyone goes crazy for bluebonnets. Even me. And I am not a Texan. (I’ve been here for a long time now and once in a while, I’ll claim Texas but I will always be a New Mexico girl at heart. Just sayin’.)

I love the bluebonnets, though. They are beautiful. They are fun. They smell amazingly sweet. They brighten up my days for about two weeks. And then they are gone until the next year. So, I take pictures of them and of my girls in them. There is nothing better to mark their growth than an annual picture. And Texans tend to choose to do them with bluebonnets. (Yep, there’s one of those times that I guess I have to claim being a Texan.)

W smiles in wildflowers

We took a fun field trip to hunt down a really good, publicly accessible field of bluebonnets. And Indian paintbrushes. Because around here, they grow together. We drove about 20 miles and found a lovely little lake to have a picnic by, explore a bit, and enjoy the bluebonnets. It even had a cute little playground for the girls to play at.

W pirate ship playgroundW study wildflowers

After our picnic, the girls sat down and drew the bluebonnets. They got down on the ground and studied them. It was interesting to see the differences in what they noticed about the flowers. And, of course, we took pictures in the bluebonnets.

W water

We also spent an hour or an hour and a half, exploring the edges of the lake. Climbing over limestone, seeing the erosion water creates, finding shells from freshwater clams, seeing how trash gets trapped and rots (gross but educational), and so much more.

It was a terribly fun day. We enjoyed Water and Wildflowers.

At Home.

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2 thoughts on “W is for … water and wildflowers

  1. Julia Goss April 18, 2015 at 9:13 am Reply

    What a perfect day ! We are in northern Texas now and haven’t found many great places with bluebonnets 😦 not the same at least as it was in Austin.. !! Enjoy them 🙂

    • 3gigglygirlsathome April 18, 2015 at 10:27 am Reply

      Thank you. I have heard that Austin has beautiful drives but we haven’t been able to make it during the peak times yet. I hope you are able to see some good wildflowers, even if they aren’t bluebonnets. When we lived northeast of Dallas, I don’t think we ever saw bluebonnets. Even living in central TX, we had to drive to find some we could get to (not behind private fences or in the median of a highway). Hope you find something beautiful to enjoy, Julia.

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