X is for … eXcited

We are doing some exciting things this week and since X is so difficult to come up with a good word to tie in, you are getting the X in eXcited for now.

We are working on our garden. Yes, we probably should have had it in a few weeks ago but I am hoping it is better late than never. Each of the giggly girls is going to have her own 4X4 garden to plan, plant, tend, and harvest. We have four total. One of them got planted today and the other three will get done in the next couple of days. We are already anticipating the harvest!

The other exciting things I want to share are Bible study related. Today I was part of a fun activity where the kids at church got to experience the plagues God sent on Egypt and Pharaoh for refusing to let the Israelites go. They got to walk through the plagues. They also got to “eat” the plagues. I am working on posting the specifics of this because I think everyone will love it. Hopefully, that will be up in a couple of days.

The other Bible related posts that I am working on is a series that will highlight a Vacation Bible Study we did last summer. It focused on Psalm 1, with the theme of trees. I will share the lessons, books we used, resources, and more for each day. I think that will be a five day series and it will be coming up soon.

I am super eXcited to get these posts to you, so I am hoping to have them up very soon!

At Home.



2 thoughts on “X is for … eXcited

  1. Kemi April 25, 2015 at 9:11 pm Reply

    Oh your post just came in my inbox! Excited to find out more about your little gardens and the Bible Study.

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