Experiencing the Plagues Like You Never Have

Experience the Plagues

Yesterday, our kids ate the plagues. The plagues that God send on Egypt and Pharaoh as recorded in Exodus. We also walked through them all.

Yes. You read that right. We ate the plagues and walked through them. But, it was all safe and fun and good. The experience was created to bring the Bible to life for the kids at our church. But I didn’t do this alone. There was a group of ladies that helped with this experience. I don’t want to take all the credit myself. This was a team effort. So thanks come first – Sandy, Ally, Patti, Ruth – thanks y’all!

About a month ago, I stumbled across a post on Teaching Kids the Bible. They did an edible plagues lesson. I loved the idea and shared it with the other Bible class teachers, as we were covering this section of Exodus at the time. We immediately found a date on the calendar and began planning a KidzClub day. KidzClub is for our younger kids at church, generally 4 years through fifth grade.

This was a hit beyond measure. The kids will not forget the plagues anytime soon! We had a walk through of the plagues and we ate the plagues. We had about 25 kids there and they were all engaged with the activities the whole time. (That is a standard by which I judge the success of an event.) We started with prayer and songs while we waited to make sure we weren’t missing anyone. Then we started on the walk through. While groups of two were blindfolded and taken through the walk with adult guides, the rest were playing games such as “Pharaoh Says”, “Gnat, Gnat, Fly” and “Plague/No Plague” (red light, green light).

Walk Through

Plague 1 – Water To Blood – They walked over a piece of plastic with water on it in a thin layer.

walk through 1

Plague 2 – Frogs – They walked over wet and cut up sponges. The guides had squeeze frogs in their pockets that croaked.

walk through 2

Plague 3 – Gnats – There were streamers tied to fans that were blowing so the kids felt the streamers in their faces. They were told to hold their mouths open because gnats don’t like wet places. Pop rocks were tossed in their mouths then as a little surprise. (We did tell them ahead of time that anything that might get in their mouth was safe to have in there.)

walk through 3

Plague 4 – Flies – The flies were kind of like fluffy lures (no sharp pieces) tied onto a piece of PVC pipe in strips so they hung down. The pipe was held up and waved back and forth above the kids so they “flies” got on them.

walk through 4

Plague 5 – Cattle Dying – We used catfish bait. STINKY STUFF!!! Of course, this was perfect because it is made from, you guessed it – dead animals.

walk through 5

Plague 6 – Boils – The guides placed several dot stickers on the kids’ arms and faces. These were the kind that people often use to make the price of items at a garage sale.

walk through 6

Plague 7 – Hail – The hail was nerf darts tossed gently at the kids by one of the guides.

walk through 7

Plague 8 – Locusts – We placed corn flakes on the ground and the kids walked over them. They were crunchy and perfect for walking on “locusts”.

walk through 8

Plague 9 – Darkness – This was represented by the blindfold the kids wore through the walk.

Plague 10 – Firstborn Dying – We placed red streamers around the doorway through which the kids would enter back into the building. We reminded them that if the Israelites obeyed God and followed His command, He gave them a promise of safety. Likewise, we are to follow God and His will and we can enter into His arms and promise. (Sorry – no picture of this.)

After the walk through, we had some activity sheets and coloring pages for the kids to do while waiting for the rest of the group to finish. Then it was on to eating the plagues.

Eating The Plagues

For each plagues, we read the appropriate Bible verses, focusing on the Lord’s words to Pharaoh. It turned out really good that I was struggling to talk much because it gave some of the kids a chance to read the Bible for each other. After reading the Bible for each of the plagues, we talked about what food we had chosen to represent that plague. The kids loved it!!

Plague 1 – Water To Blood – This was blood orange soda with Swedish fish in it.

plague 1

Plague 2 – Frogs – We found gummy frogs.

plague 2

Plague 3 – Gnats – The dust was made up of graham cracker crumbs. The gnats were chia seeds. (The wonderful part of the chia seeds is when they get wet, they get a slimy coating on them making them quite the experience in place of gnats.)

plague 3

Plague 4 – Flies – These were KitKat bars broken into small pieces. We used chocolate frosting to attach chocolate chips for wings and mini chocolate chips for eyes.

plague 4

Plague 5 – Cattle Dying – The cattle were hot dogs (we did halves) with pretzel rods sticking out.

plague 5

Plague 6 – Boils – The boils were two pepperoni slices stuck together with a squirt cheese.

plague 6

Plague 7 – Hail and Lightning – The hail was ice cubes. The lightning was Hot Tamale candies.

plague 7

Plague 8 – Locusts – We found some awesome crunchy dried okra that was perfect for locusts.

plague 8

Plague 9 – Darkness – These were so cute! Oreo cookies with little candy eyes attached with frosting made it look like someone peeking out of the darkness.

plague 9

Plague 10 – Firstborn Dying – Each child was given a few French fries and some ketchup. They created a doorway with their fries and then painted it with the ketchup.

plague 10


We ended our day with a circle and a closing prayer. I was so proud of the little boy who stepped up to offer the closing prayer. He was nervous but he did it and he did it well! It was a wonderful close to a wonderful experience.

This was a highly successful interactive experience for the kids. I don’t think any of them will forget about their experiences with the plagues any time soon. I can’t wait to figure out what we are going to be doing for the next one. I hope we can pull off another one that is as successful.


Here is a link to a document that has this information in a printable form. Feel free to print it and use it.

Plagues Experience PDF

Please feel free to use these ideas. Please share them. Please share this post. We want everyone to know about God and His love for them and the many, many ways He shows that love.

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