Spelling You See Level G – a TOS review

SYS Level GWhat do you do when spelling is comes fairly natural for your child but you see enough issues that they need to practice those? Other than read a lot, there isn’t much out there to help with those irregular spellings and spelling changes for adding suffixes and prefixes. We were given the opportunity to review Spelling You See’s newest level. Spelling You See introduced a level that works on those suffixes and prefixes in a natural exposure setting and context.

Spelling You See ReviewWe were asked to review Spelling You See Level G: Modern Milestones. Modern Milestones is designed for a student who can spell most everyday words easily and is ready to delve into word extensions. Word extensions includes not only suffixes and prefixes but also patterns that are used to create alternate word forms. It flows along nicely, following the other levels of the Spelling You See family and the research from which Spelling You See comes.

Modern Milestones will take the student to meet individuals who have influenced the modern era. There are artists, scientists, musicians, inventors, and more. Each biography will expose the student to not only the person and their ideas but to word patterns and extensions. Each biography is a short paragraph. Working with the word extensions and patterns within a paragraph is a natural, comfortable way to learn spelling. This is a strong point for all of the Spelling You See levels.example

Each week the student will work through one lesson, which is broken into five parts (A-E). Typically, the first two days have the student finding and marking base words and their extensions. For example, in lesson 3, the student is looking for base words such as work, wash, brush, paint, and grace, among others. Then the student marks the endings -ing, -es, -ed, and more. The student also finds the prefix over- in this lesson. The student then copies the passage and marks it again.

day 3

On day 3, the student works with the base words, exploring how to change them to add extensions. This also helps the student see and use the unusual changes that occur such as changing -f ending to -ves. The student also has to identify the subtle changes in meaning.

On days 4 and 5, the student again identifies the base words and extensions. Instead of copying the passages, though, it is dictated to the student.

This repetition is constant, continuous exposure to these words and ideas in a natural context. This helps the student to understand and remember the words and processes.using product

We have used a previous level of Spelling You See and this follows it comfortably. One of our girls is currently using Spelling You See Level E. The growth of the student’s spelling ability is easy for us to see. We have liked the results we have seen with Spelling You See and the process of working with the words in context. The subtle changes Demme Learning has made for Modern Milestones has been a fun and pleasing change that keeps the student interested as the lessons move along.

In order to effectively use Spelling You See, you will need to have the Student Books. There are two of them and they come in a set. You will also need the Instructor’s Handbook. The student will need a pencil and a set of colored pencils. Erasable colored pencils have been almost a necessary investment because we spend quite a bit of time erasing marks as we get used to the process.

Spelling You See Review

Spelling You See ReviewSpelling You See Review

I know that spelling is a nemesis for most students. We have not had that problem and thus the spelling tests that we used to do were problematic for different reasons. It didn’t make sense to study a set of words that the girls already knew how to spell. Spelling You See is a program that fits with how we learn, as a family. To learn more about Spelling You See, the levels available, and the research behind this great program, please visit their website.

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