La La Logic – a TOS review

La La Logic review

Experience is the best teacher of logic so when we were given the opportunity to review a program that takes the children through progressively more difficult logic challenges, I was excited to try it out. La La Logic is a program that was developed by Lilac Mohr, a homeschool mom who was looking for something to help her children become problem solvers and thinkers. She knew the research concerning spatial reasoning, multisensory learning, and more so she wanted to tackle the problem to create something that children would love but that would strengthen their thinking skills at the same time.

La La Logic ReviewLa La Logic Preschool Curriculum is the result of Lilac’s work and boy! is it loaded with skill training! The Preschool Curriculum is designed with 3-6 year olds in mind. BUT – it works well for students both older and younger. The 100 weekly lessons are structured, though it is such a flexible program that you can use it differently for each of your children if you need to.

The Pieces of the Curriculum

La La Logic consists of three different parts. There is the Brain Challenge, the Enrichment Set, and Extra Practice.

J on computerBrain Challenge – The Brain Challenge is almost like computer games where the student is solving problems and answering questions and repeating patterns. Each new challenge develops a different skill. The student will work on five different brain stretching activities each time. This will only take about 5-10 minutes but the kids hardly know the time is passing because the activities are so much fun! There is a Continuous Brain Challenge Mode for times outside the weekly lessons where the students might want to play without interruption. This mode will run through the computer activities without stopping until you log off.

The Enrichment Set is a printable set of activities to go along with each weekly lesson. It includes a worksheet of some sort and a set of activities. The worksheet might be matching; it might have the student working on geometry; it might be a coloring activity dealing with patterns. There are so many variations to what thinking skills these worksheets are drilling without the student even knowing. The activity set varies widely, as well. It might be a story that you read, the student repeats back, and then you do some activities based on the story. The activity might be a game that stretches memory. The activity might be a math game that works on terminology such as “row,” “column,” “diagonal,” “horizontal,” and “vertical.”

Extra Practice is just that. You can go into the Extra Practice section to select a type of activity that your student is struggling with or something that you just want them to work on again. It could even be a reward for them to get to do one of their favorite brain activities if they do well in something else. The possibilities are endless.

Weekly Lessons

La La Logic consists of 100 weeks of lessons. Each lesson has an activity suggested for each day of the week but each day’s activities should take no more than 10-20 minutes. These quick, intense sessions are fun for the child and parent AND train the brain in logic skills.

Monday’s activities consist of one week’s worth of Brain Challenge, with assistance if needed. Also, you can do Extra Practice if needed. Tuesday will be the Enrichment Set (minus the worksheet). Wednesday will be the week’s Brain Challenge again and the worksheet. Thursday will be the Enrichment Set, using different activities or the second set of activities suggested. Friday will be an optional Brain Challenge and your choice of Family Fun activity.

That’s it. A quick week, to be sure. And it is all provided with the subscription to La La Logic. (Which by the way is currently $29 for a family’s lifetime subscription for 5 children!)


La La Logic is a fairly intuitive program. I felt like the tracking was a bit harder to figure out, though. When you are working through the weekly lessons, you have a couple of options for keeping track of things. Once you click on a week to work on, you will get a screen that looks like this:

agendaAt this point, you can either select Start and go into the Brain Challenge activities or do some “parent” work. If this is your first time on the week, you will want to hit Download to access a print out the Enrichment activities for the week. This will also give you a page where you can make notes about what your child did well, what was liked and disliked, and more. You could also record those notes on this screen by typing them in the notes box and hitting Save Changes. I did not, however, see a way to print those easily or to compile them together after several weeks of notes. That would be a helpful feature.


If you remember to put the checkmark next to “Mom finished this week,” you get an “x” on the chalkboard where you select your weekly lessons. This does help in tracking week to week and for the child to know where to click when it is time for the Brain Challenge.

How We Used The Program

J on KindleWe were given a subscription to the program for our family so we were able to register each of the girls, as well as myself. (Who doesn’t love a few games, right?) Each girl was able to just explore a bit with the program at first. We allowed the older girls to just keep track of where they were in Continuous Brain Challenge Mode (which allows them to just go through the computer games without tracking and without stopping) and have fun with it. We did make them start at the beginning because the activities are progressive. They build on other skills that come before so it is not beneficial to skip ahead, even if your child can do the activities easily. J, on the other hand, was required to work through this more slowly. We did allow her to play in Continuous Brain Challenge Mode some but we also made her work through the curriculum as designed.

My Thoughts

I think this is a fantastic program for families to invest in. It trains a part of the brain that we don’t often consciously think about and it uses activities that don’t seem like learning. We have been fans of this since the first day we received access because it is so much fun.

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La La Logic Review

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