Y is for … yesterday outside

Y outside

Yesterday was a beautiful day so we decided to spend some of it outside, enjoying a local park before the summer fully arrives and it is hot. So, we took our normal Friday library trip. And then we had a picnic at a park. We packed a lunch and found a place without very many people around. We ate lunch while reading “The Door In The Wall”. Then the girls did some of their school work. We got some journal writing done, which includes a sketch each day. We did some independent reading, as well. All in all, it was a nice day outside.

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I spent some time getting familiar with a new product. Take a look at the new Field Trip Journal from Apologia! This review will be coming up in a few weeks.


That is, until the bees got to bee too friendly! So, we packed up the schoolwork and headed off to explore some of the other parts of the park. (Our local park has several hundred acres and lots of different sections.) We checked out a place where two rivers meet and talked some about boating as we watched a buoy float in the water. The girls have had very little to do with boats so we talked a bit about what I know. I also have had very little to do with boats. Well, we did have a canoe that we took to Elephant Butte just about every year while growing up but the boats around here are very different from a canoe! We also went to a place that is titled Lover’s Leap. I imagine you guess the local lore that is associated with those cliffs. The girls enjoy the view from there and at this time of year, it is beautifully lush and green.


We headed home after that and finished up a bit of school work. It was a relaxing day with experiential learning going on. That is a successful school day in my opinion. And, it was fun!

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