Summer Fresh Drink Choice

Lemonade summer

A few weeks ago, our blogging friend over at Farm Fresh Adventures asked us to share some of our favorite summer recipes on her blog. When I asked the girls about what some of their favorite recipes were, two of them said “I don’t know.” One of them jumped up and said

“Lemonade!!!! It is so yummy and fun to make!”

So, I asked if L could share her recipe for lemonade. Farm Fresh Adventures was all for it and published her recipe a couple of days ago. I’d love it if you would hope over and check out L’s recipe for this summertime favorite. Then feel free to pop back over here and tell us what you think. We’d love to know if you try her recipe.

L’s Lemonade recipe at Farm Fresh Adventures

She had lots of fun making a test batch to ensure she had the right measurements and she had lots of fun drinking it afterwards. Writing the recipe down was a good exercise in making sure her words match the action she wanted someone to take. She wrote it down and then I described what I would do based on what she said. She didn’t have to rewrite much but there were one or two things that she decided to change based on that exchange. Writing a how-to was a change to our writing activities and I think it was a good one.

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