Be With Me, Lord

1. Be with me, Lord – I cannot live without Thee.
I dare not try to take one step alone.
I cannot bear the loads of life unaided.
I need Thy strength to lean myself upon.

2. Be with me, Lord, and then if dangers threaten,
If storms of trial burst above my head,
If lashing seas leap everywhere about me,
They cannot harm, or make my heart afraid.

3. Be with me, Lord! No other gift or blessing
Thou couldst bestow could with this one compare –
A constant sense of Thy abiding presence,
Where’re I am, to feel that Thou art near.

4. Be with me, Lord, when loneliness o’ertakes me.
When I must weep amid the fires of pain,
And when shall come the hour of my departure,
For worlds unknown, O Lord, be with me then.

Be With Me Lord

Throughout the Bible, God reminds us that he is always with me. These are some of the most comforting passages that there are. This hymn focuses on God being with me, recognizing the power that God’s presence gives – the power to save, the power to calm, the power to strengthen, the power to walk through the next minute or hour or day or whatever is in front of me. Just a few of the passages that talk of God being with me:

  • And, lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.      Matthew 28:20

  • Be not afraid of him, saith the Lord; for I am with you, to save you and to deliver you.      Jeremiah 42:11

  • Then spake Haggai the Lord’s messenger in the Lord’s message unto the people, saying, I am with you, saith the Lord.      Haggai 1:13

  • …and be strong, all ye people of the land, saith the LORD, and work: for I am with you, saith the LORD of hosts.      Haggai 2:4

When I am afraid, when I am lonely, when I am worried – each of these are times I should seek the Lord and remember that He is right there beside me, guiding me through the unknown. Stronger than anything this world can throw at me. His presence will calm, settle, and help me.

A constant sense of thy abiding presence,
Where’re I am, to feel that Thou art near.

Thank you, Lord, for always being near me.

At Home.




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