Bucket List

I have missed several days of the July Blogging Challenge. It just didn’t fit in with spending time with family and the organizing of girls’ rooms that has been going on. (Today we are lifting two beds into loft beds, adding some shelving in one, and getting rid of the piles of outgrown toys we have put in the hallway!)

Today’s challenge is to share your bucket list OR the coolest thing you have done. I’m going to tackle the bucket list.

  • see the International Balloon Fiesta
  • visit NY with my husband
  • visit several national parks with the family
  • have a successful garden
  • read the Bible through over and over
  • join the community band again
  • visit Alaska
  • visit Hawaii
  • visit Europe

We are hopeful about the Balloon Fiesta soon. We have a garden in but this is not the year it will be called successful. I am currently reading my Bible daily and am on a second read through of it. I am hoping the community band thing will happen in the next year or two with the girls getting older.

Not too bad for checking things off the bucket list, I guess. What does your bucket list includes?

At Home.

Linking up at A Glimpse of Our Life and This Day Has Great Potential for the July Blogging Challenge.


2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Brenda Prince July 13, 2015 at 4:17 pm Reply

    Looks like a good list to me 🙂 Hope you get to do all of it 🙂

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