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The debate goes back and forth in my mind as to whether we need a dedicated homeschool room or if a planned use of space is good. For another year, or at least day, I am sticking with the planned use of space.

What I mean is . . .

we are using the dining room table.

Each child has a space at the table. Their materials fit within their designated space. The girls know what to grab, where to put it, and where their area is. And it works.

I like it because they know what to do. But even better is that we are all together. Yes, sometimes there is bickering. Yes, sometimes we are cramped. But, we are able to work together easily and the girls often jump in a help each other when there is a problem. Peer tutoring is build right in. Homeschool happiness, right?

So what does it actually look like? This…


And, I’ll bet you want to know more about the boxes. Those are the boxes that they decided to organize last week in order to get school moving. Blue, pink, and purple – those are the colors I try to buy anything in that is related to school supplies. Doesn’t always work so the girl with purple sometimes gets green but she’s okay with that. The large, flat boxes are big enough to hold most workbooks, spirals, papers, and a few other things. The girls put their notebooks (book logs, journals), workbooks (Spelling You See, Dynamic Literacy, Horizons, etc.), rulers, colored pencils, and whatever else they might need. Each girl also has a pencil box of the same color. Those hold crayons, pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, pencil sharpener, and a few other odds or ends depending on the girl.

workspace boxes

We have just recently added this dresser to the space. It has our paper tray on the top, along with the carrier that has dry erase markers, colored pencils, markers, and more. The drawers will be used to hold teacher materials and Bible Bowl materials. It is going to be getting a facelift very, very soon.


We keep our additional curriculum, supplies, and books elsewhere through out the house. These are things we need each day and so we keep them within easy reach. That is quick tour of the workspace organization of our homeschool.

Some quick tips for you:

  • Evaluated your space. It isn’t feasible for everyone to have a dedicated school room. What makes sense for you?
  • If you don’t have a dedicated room, how much space do you actually need? This will vary depending on how you school, the age of your children, and the style of curriculum you have chosen.
  • Once you know where you’ll be working, mostly, work on space for holding materials. If you are using a multipurpose space, try to choose something that is easy to get out and put away at the end of the school time.

Do you have a dedicated room or do you use a space, as we do?

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