Playing Restaurant

Imitation of real life is an awesome teaching time. Especially when I get to sit back and just enjoy the activity that is going on.

Playing Restaurant

Our middle child is one who highly enjoys planning, checking off lists, and seeing that things are done according to plan. If there isn’t a plan, she’ll make one.  She has become my menu maker because she enjoys it. She also likes to help in the kitchen. Those two things came together the other night for this real life-pretend to happen.

L was making a menu and asked what I had planned for dinner that night. It was the only one left on the list she was filling out that didn’t have something down. We had plenty of leftover homemade pizza in the fridge and we had eaten a pretty good sized lunch. So, that was what I told her to put down. She got excited and asked if we could have L’s Kitchen!

Menu 2

She went through the fridge, looking at the leftovers we had. She checked the pantry to see what was in there and open. And, she made a restaurant menu. She also made placemats for her sisters to work while they were waiting for their food. She added my bouquet of roses as a centerpiece and got silverware for everyone with a ribbon tied around the silverware and napkin. Each place was prettily set and I forgot to take a picture! It was lovely.

Placemat 2aPlacemat 1a

L took our orders after we had looked over the menu. She prepared the food, including making quesadillas for her sisters. She did all the work on dinner and put all the leftover food away again. She did a fantastic job and we had a lovely dinner. She was so proud of herself and her kitchen skills are really showing!

Playing restaurant is a fun way for the girls to be independent in the kitchen and we all get a good meal out of it!

At Home.


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