Quick Science

Today we got a package that contained packing peanuts. J had never noticed this type of packing material before, I guess, because she was really interested in them. We talked about the purpose and how they have changed over the years. In the conversation about the changes, we talked about how most packing peanut now will dissolve when exposed to water. She wanted to see it so we had a science experience.

Quick Science

We put a packing peanut on a saucer and gave her an eye dropper and let her put some drops of water on it. She watched and noticed that is was dissolving the material. She played with the dropper and water and packing peanuts for 30 minutes or so. She took a second one and colored it with a marker because she wanted to see what it would do if it had been colored. She had a lot of fun, I think.

quick science 2

She left them sitting and then saw them a couple of hours later. She noticed that they were soggy messes but had not dissolved completely. That was kind of interesting (and gross looking!).

It was a quick, simple science experience for a Saturday afternoon. Thanks Koru Naturals! (Watch for a review from them in a few weeks. We are trying their Emu Oil Shampoo, Emu Oil Conditioner, and a couple of other products. Excited!!)

At Home.



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