USAopoly ~ a TOS review

USAopoly gamesDon’t ask! I can’t figure out how to say the name for the game company we have been having a blast reviewing! However you choose to say it USAopoly has some amazing game concepts that are so much fun to play. We love learning through play. We have been playing Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone and laughing so hard our sides ache.

USAopoly is the company behind many of your favorite branded games. Their website is packed full of fun products that will bring delight. Since, 1994 USAopoly has been brainstorming all sorts of joy for families. With award-winning games such as Telestrations and Ratuki, there is no end to the laughter coming your way. With a passion for bringing people together and unique ideas, this company is sure to be around for a while yet.


Wonky piecesWonky is a strange combination of a tower building game, a card game, and laughter. But don’t bump the table or it all starts over! The concept of Wonky is simple: get rid of all of your cards. The application of that concept – not so simple. You have to build a tower with blocks that are not square in the process. Those cards you have to get rid of? They have different pictures on them showing you which color and size of block you must add to the tower. If you are successful, play moves on. If not, the tower falls, you have to draw more cards, and everyone laughs at the silliness that ensues with each fall of the tower.Wonky blocks

This game is labeled for ages 8+. We played it successfully with all of our girls who range from age 6 to 11. I think that it could perhaps be a frustrating experience for the younger ages, depending on personality because the blocks that have to be added to the tower are not straight sided. They are intentionally curved and not square, reinforcing the name of the game: Wonky. However, this was lots of fun. If you love card games and building towers, this will bring you some laughter.


Tapple is a word game that requires concentration, speed, and out-of-the-box thinking if you are going to best that wordsmith in your family. The word Tapple itself is a word play – Touch Activated Press & Play Letter Eliminator. I love that!

Tapple gameTo play Tapple, someone picks a card and selects a category from it. Then, the 10 second timer is started, and play begins. Each person has 10 seconds to say a word that fits the category and tap the timer. Play then moves on to the next person. The trick is that once you say a word, you also have to push down the first letter of that word. Once the letter is down, no one else can use a word that begins with that letter. Not so bad while T, N, S, and E are still available but when you get down to O and I, it can get tricky with lots of the categories! Not every letter is even a possibility to begin with. The letters that it is really unusual to have a word start with (like Q and U) are not included at all.

We actually didn’t use the timer all that much. We did play with it a little bit. What we found, though, was that it was really frustrating for all of the girls. Even our 11 year old, though the game is marked at ages 8+. Ten seconds is just not very long. So, when playing as a family, we often didn’t time it at all. We did push them to answer quickly and if they drug their thinking out too long, we’d move on and eliminate them from that round. It would be easy to grab a little timer and set it for 30 seconds, which I think is more age appropriate for our girls. And a neat little storage feature they have included? The cards have a compartment on the back that is easy to open and holds all the cards, so they are less likely to get lost.

What We Think

We love Tapple and Wonky is lots of fun. The girls are constantly asking to play these games and have railroaded a college-age friend who comes over for dinner every week into playing with them several times. These are perfect for family game night and these games will stay in our play rotation for quite a while, I imagine. They are fun and so very different from others that we have. Thinking games are always welcome here.

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 USAopoly Review

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