Take a Book and Learn!

Not too long ago, the youngest giggly girl was completely caught up in this book:

How to make an apple pie book

(Are you noticing a theme of her getting stuck with a book and we end up studying it? Not a bad thing, my friend. Not at all. She is learning soooooo much!!!)

With this fun little book, we hit on geography by pulling out the globe and talking about each of the places mentioned.

We discussed transportation options. There are a lot of ways to get around in this book!

We talked about rhyme scheme.

We talked about predictions. There was a very fun opportunity for a prediction that the book’s wording on caught her by surprise and made her laugh! There are, though, a lot of opportunities for predicting the story line in the book.

We talked about hospitality.

And we ended with her begging to make an apple pie. So we did. Due to food allergies, we did not use the recipe in the book. (Also, we needed to go to the store so we didn’t have all the ingredients.) So, we substituted and she was just as happy with it.

This opened up a lot of practical learning in the kitchen, from measuring and reading a recipe to safety with a knife and the oven.

cutting applesmeasuring cinnamonstirring the applesmaking crustready for the oven

She was so proud of herself. She took the apple pie to a pot luck at church and it was eaten all up. She got lots of compliments on it.

Finished apple pie

So, take your child’s favorite book of today and pick up on a theme or two in it. There is so much learning to be done with hardly any effort at all.

At Home.

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