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Koru NaturalsThis has been one of those unique reviews in that the products we get to review are not homeschool curriculum or activities. Fun! Koru Naturals is a company the Review Crew had worked with before so I had heard quite a bit of buzz about it, though I did not participate in that review.

products from Koru

We were given the chance to review several of their products. We received the Skin Clear Creme, the Emu Oil Shampoo and Emu Oil Leave-in Conditioner set, and the Manuka Honey Propolis Soap. Our family has a history of acne break-outs and difficult hair so these choices seemed the perfect fit for issues we were dealing with. This gave these products a huge appeal.

Koru Naturals:

Outside of the Review Crew run earlier this year, I knew nothing about this company. They are a company that is dedicated to bringing the traditions of New Zealand to the US. These traditions include using natural ingredients to enhance and promote healthy skin and life. They have been in business since 2002 and are always looking for ways to bring traditional healing and treatments combined with modern knowledge and technology. What a great combination.

Emu oil shampoo and cond.Emu Oil Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner:

This set was an exciting possibility for us. Oily hair that is next to impossible to comb out is nothing new in our home. I have relatively thin hair that tangles easily and is oily. One of the girls has extremely thick hair that tangles to an almost impossible rats-nest with no encouragement and that gets very oily quickly. She and I both used the shampoo. She also used the leave-in conditioner.

The shampoo is a thin, clear liquid that comes in a squeeze bottle. It has lasted very well and there is a lot left, even with two of us using it often for almost 6 weeks. The leave-in conditioner is a very thin liquid that comes in a spray bottle. This makes it fairly easy to apply evenly.

I have really liked the shampoo. For my hair, it has worked well. It cleans it well, leaving it soft and easy to comb. It don’t have to blow dry it to get that nice soft, shiny look and feel. It stays clean looking and feeling for two to three days.

The giggly girl that used the shampoo also used the leave-in conditioner. We are very disappointed in it for her. She has a difficult time finding any hair care products that work well for her. We typically change brands every month because what she is using starts giving her a variety of problems. The Emu Oil products were no different, except that we have not felt that they worked from day one for her. These leave her hair difficult to comb and it looks and feels dirty straight out of the shower, even before using the leave-in conditioner. It has also caused her issues with dandruff.

skin clear cremeSkin Clear Creme:

With the acne issues we have experienced, we were hopeful about this. A thin, runny lotion-like cream, the face cream is a leave-on product. After washing, this cream is applied and left-on. It comes in a pot with a screw-on lid and a small applicator to keep from getting dirt and oil in the product. Since you use a small amount each time, this should last us months. You can barely tell she has been using it daily for 6 weeks.

Consistency is key to using a product like this. When it was used consistently, we saw great improvement in pimples and some improvement in black heads. She will continue using this, though I don’t know at this time whether we will buy more when we reach the end of this pot. With how much is left (A LOT!), I don’t have to make that decision for a while. *There is a note on their website that states this should not be used during pregnancy.

honey soapManuka Honey Propolis Soap:

I have really liked this soap. The shape is fun to begin with. Shaped like an octagon, it reminds me of its main ingredient – honey. Made of Manuka Honey and Propolis, this has been a nice soap to use. It lathers us well, making it a good shaving cream. It also washes off nicely, leaving a clean feeling. My only issue with it is that it disappears quite quickly for a bar of its size. Something to do with how quickly it lathers, I guess. I do really like this soap.

Some nice things about Koru is that they list ingredients on their website. They are very clear about what is in their products, allowing you to make informed decisions about what you are purchasing. If you have allergy issues, please be certain to check the ingredients.


Our first experience with Koru Naturals has been pretty good, over all. I am pleased with the products we received and the way they work. The issues with the shampoo and conditioner are less about the product itself and more about the way an individual reacts to the ingredients in the product. We have yet to figure out which ingredients are the ones that work well or cause issues so the issue is certainly not Koru Naturals’. I recommend checking out Koru and seeing if what they offer would be good for your family.

At Home.

Find Koru Naturals on social media:
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