Creative Writing – A Day In the Life of a Worm

The two older giggly girls are working on units in a book from The Critical Thinking Co. titled Surfing the Net Science by Jennifer Katherine Brooks. A review will be posted on the blog in early November. (You can now see that review here.) In the meantime, I wanted to share part of one of our 9 year old’s assignments. She was to choose a producer, a consumer, or a decomposer and write about a day in the life of that organism. We were laughing so hard that I just had to share it with you. So, with her permission, here is:

A Day In the Life of a Worm

There was once a little worm. He lived in a garden. It was a fairly big one, so he had lots of room to wiggle around, find the best places to eat, sleep, and play. He was very glad that he lived in a garden and not out in the woods where wild animals lived. He considered himself to be very civilized. Besides, animals out there ATE worms like himself, which he thought was unacceptable, because worms were a big part of making plants grow and bunnies would eat the plants and foxes would eat the bunnies and bears would sometimes eat the foxes and just the thought of helping feed the bears made him puff up with pride! Of course, there was down sides to being a garden worm. There were humans – little ones – children – that were constantly coming to try and capture the worms – sticking them in jars and calling them pets! The larger humans called them Annabelle, Henry, Fiona, and Thomas. The worm called them pests. The thought made him want to curl up. But he didn’t. He just crawled out of bed, (you may think crawling was a sign of him not feeling good but it was normal for him because he was a worm and couldn’t move any other way) and started eating, or as scientists call it: decomposing – eating the good stuff and leaving the bad. He worked his way up to the surface and then he ate quickly a few bites up there then dove back down because it was almost time for the robins and sparrows to get up – and the sparrows were especially fast! He quickly retreated back to his own hole, back to the safety of the underground. The End.


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5 thoughts on “Creative Writing – A Day In the Life of a Worm

  1. LeeAnn Longbotham October 29, 2015 at 7:48 pm Reply

    OK, then…she definitely has an amazing imagination!! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. KymPossible November 3, 2015 at 10:59 am Reply

    That is wonderful!!

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