Brinkman Adventures Season 3 ~ a TOS review

Our family has really fallen in love with audio, whether it be audio books or audio dramas. Brinkman Adventures falls under the audio drama category and it has been an interesting listen for us. The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 continues the many adventures of the Brinkman family and shares stories of missionaries and Christian heroes to encourage and inspire. With 4 CDs, 12 episodes, and over 5 hours of audio, your family will be in for a real treat. You can also get it as an MP3 download.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

The Brinkman Adventures are based on the lives of real people experiencing God. While Season 3 continues some parts of a family story, it is not necessary to have listened to the previous seasons to be able to pick this one up and follow along with the Brinkman family. We had not listened to the previous season and we were drawn into the stories almost from the beginning.

Our family had heard a lot of praise about the Brinkman Adventures but were still somewhat unsure about whether we would enjoy the episodes. We have been enjoying them a lot. (A side note: I was not drawn into the episode that is on the website but have really, really enjoyed what we have listened to in season 3 so don’t let that one episode be your sole decision maker.) We have listened to the episodes as a family in the evening while sitting in the living room coloring or drawing or building something quietly. It has been a pleasant close to the evenings.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3Season 3 of the Brinkman Adventures introduces us to several missionary stories. These are what really drew our attention and made it hard to turn the CD off at the end of an episode. These stories are based on real people and their circumstances. These are people that have trusted God beyond ability to understand it and have been able to share The Word with others because of that trust. These stories draw you in and help you see a God that is so much bigger than our own world and experiences. It makes me want to go be a missionary myself. That, I think, is an example of how very good these stories are.

Something I have found very interesting and informative is that you can visit the Brinkman Adventures website and read more about these real life people whose lives inspire the episodes in Season 3, as well as the past seasons. Now, don’t go if you haven’t listened and don’t want the story climax spoiled. But do go at some point. You will be blessed by learning more about these servants of God who go when he calls them.

Whether you are looking for something to encourage you, something to inspire your children, or just something to listen to in the car, the Brinkman Adventures Season 3 is definitely worth looking into. Mission work takes heart to go and do but the more we know about it, the more we can see ways to support that work from wherever we may be at the time. That is why I see such value in this audio drama series. Following God through His plan can be difficult but the more often we are able to see and experience the blessing of following Him, the easier it is to follow Him.

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