Memory Work Outside

memory work outsideOur church is working hard on helping everyone learn more about the Bible and memorize key information. We are using the KidSing lists for memory work that have been developed by the West Huntsville church of Christ and Glenn Colley. I have been memorizing alongside the girls and have found myself using the passages quite often in my own study, teaching the girls, and teaching Bible classes. Our church is on the third card but we are still working on the yellow card (the first one) with a couple of the girls. So, I have been trying to find some unique ways to help them learn the last couple of citations that they are forgetting and to gain confidence with the list.

memory work jumping

One thing we did the other day seemed to help a lot. I went out to the driveway and drew a whole bundle of squares. At Home Dad and I wrote a citation in each square and the girls had to read the citation and tell what is found there for each square they landed on. We had fun finding different ways for them to travel through the squares.

memory work scooteringAnother thing we did, but I didn’t get a picture of, was a straight hopscotch with enough boxes for each of the citations. This ended up being a very long hopscotch. We had fun and got a lot of jumping in! Sometimes, the girl jumping had to state both the citation and what is found there. If she couldn’t, she went back to the beginning. Other times, I would call out one of the parts they needed to know and the girl would have to call out the other one to go on. Lots of good practice.

What are some activities you use for memorization? I am always looking for neat ways to do memory work.

At Home.

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