Middle School Monday – goals

Middle School Monday goalsI just realized a few weeks ago, that I have a middle schooler! Where did the time go? This year snuck up on me, even though I knew it was here. I knew I needed to be planning for high school but it never dawned on me that it meant my oldest was in middle school!

So, I have intentionally talking with At Home Dad for these past few weeks to set some goals and make some specific plans for her course work through the next three years.

Some of the goals we have set:

  • Bible Knowledge – One of her goals last year for Lads to Leaders was to memorize 100 scriptures. She still has a couple of weeks and I don’t if she’ll make it or not. But, I do know that she will want to tackle it again next year. We will put a more specific plan in place for her to do that memorization. I also want to encourage her to be reading her Bible daily.
  • More Independence in work ethic – We have a desire for Miss E to become more independent in her ability to move through the courses she needs to work on each day. That does not mean that we want her to do all of the work without any instruction. Rather, we want her to not drag her feet and to focus on completion of materials. Part of this will be done through me planning better and getting her planner into more use.
  • Stronger Math – We want to work more specifically with her at getting stronger with math. She has struggled with math and we can trace that to specific moments in her public school instruction and pressures there. We are still trying to work through all of that even though she has been at home for two and a half years at this point. So, geometry is going to be a huge focus this spring.
  • Confidence – The moments of confidence come and go. That is true for everyone and we want to instill in Miss E an attitude of confidence, even if it is confidence that she can get through whatever it is that she is facing. I hope to do this by allowing her to choose some units of study that are of interest to her. I know there is more to it than that but this is our starting point.


I am hoping to post regularly on Mondays about some of the activity that Miss E has been doing as a middle schooler. We will link up with a group of other bloggers who are also blogging about middle school/junior high students being home educated. If you would like to keep up with our Middle School Monday series, please follow us through email, Facebook, or Twitter. (Those links are on the sidebar on the right.)

At Home.


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