Another year of ~ a TOS review

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We have enjoyed having access to for another year. Since I have mentioned it off and on through the year, I am going to share some of the more recent things we have done through the site for this review. We are going to have access for 2016, as well, so there are a number of classes and units on our “planning to do” list. is full of curriculum options, unit studies, parent support, planning tool, and so much more!

SchoolhouseTeachers Review 2016When you choose a subscription to, you are purchasing access to their entire site. You can choose a monthly payment or a yearly payment. We were given their Yearly Membership, giving us access for an entire year. This gives you access to ALL of their classes, ALL of the units, All of the resources, their online support system (including a Facebook page with fast, helpful interaction), and so much more. Some of the materials are downloads. Some of the activities are printables. Some have imbeded links. Some are videos. The variety is so hard to describe! Whether you choose them for one of their full-year classes or one of the activities that you can do in just a few minutes as part of your school day, I cannot imagine being disappointed with

The most recent activity that we used was found in the Christmas Corner. put all of their holiday related materials in a single location so that we could find everything quickly. (This is just one example of how they anticipate and listen to their members, modifying the site to fit needs.) From there, we found several activities that we wanted to do.

The giggly girls had a blast with the architecture study on gingerbread houses! The unit was a fun activity that taught us a lot about making gingerbread houses. The links had us watching fun, informative videos that we really enjoyed. After studying and watching, we made our own gingerbread houses, creating our own templates and cutting out the dough. Of course, it was all lots of fun and we really enjoyed decorating the houses.

finished gingerbread houses

One fantastic feature of that I have gotten great benefit from is the planners that are available. There are a number of planners available on the site for download, free to subscribers. I downloaded all of them: Schoolhouse Planner, Special Learners Planner, Primary, Intermediate, and High School planners, and my favorite, the Hey Mama Planner. I went through each of the planners and chose the parts of them that would benefit me most in planning our school year. I printed those and had them bound at a local place. I have loved my personalized planner!

planner 2015-16

My oldest daughter, age 11, also created her own planner. She has not used it as much as I would like but it is a learning process. By choosing the formats that she liked and picking some goal setting pages that she liked, she has used it some and we are working on her using it more. She is just beginning to hit the age where she needs to be more responsible for her school work and this is just the tool to help her.

Since we were first introduced to a couple of years ago, we have often made use of their daily activities. The site has a daily math problem, a daily writing prompt, and a daily grammar exercise. There is also a daily puzzler. We have used the daily puzzler a lot! The girls love word games and that is exactly what this is. Each girl has her own set of letters. I tell them what to pull out and what the first clue is. Once they have that word, there is a new clue that changes the word. And so it goes – the word changes with each clue. These puzzlers are a fun break or quick start to a day and the girls really enjoy them.

As we begin the new year, we are going to be incorporating a number of things from into our school weeks. One of the giggly girls is starting violin and we will be using the video-based violin lessons to start her out. We are going to be using the Everyday Explorers: USA to explore a little bit about Texas and Texas history. We will also be using the Everyday Explorers series to add bits and pieces to the continent boxes that Miss J will be focusing on. There are lots of neat landmarks, history bits, people, and animals to be studies in this series of lessons on Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand by Julie Coney, Bonnie Rose Hudson, and Blosson Barden. Miss L is terribly interested in World War II right now and so she will be using the unit titled People and Places of World War II by Sally Matheny.

SchoolhouseTeachers optionsThese are just a few of the units we have touched on or will be using in the coming months. There is so much more available. One of the beautiful things about is that this can be a fantastic site that is a supplemental resource for your chosen curriculum or it can be the full curriculum by itself. There are so many courses at all age levels, including encouragement and help for parents/teachers.

If you want to learn more about, please visit the site and look around a bit. Right now, there is a fantastic code available for you to use if you purchase Yearly Membership. You will get half off the cost of a one year membership. That is a fantastic price!

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