Anywhere With Jesus – hymn

Anywhere With JesusAs we travel through our day to day, sometime we wonder where we are or what we are doing. That is just life. God knows, though we don’t. God takes care and guides our way if we let Him. When we put God in charge, we are always safe, always directed, always in company. That doesn’t mean that we won’t suffer in this life or that we won’t have hardship and trial.
That is actually one of the reasons I really like Heirloom Audio Productions. The stories are based on real life history and focus on the beliefs of one or more of the characters. God plays a central role in those characters lives and we see it making a difference in what we know as history. In the drama In Freedom’s Cause, we see the main character killed by a firing squad. There are two other character who discuss whether God failed him in the most difficult trial of his life. One speaks up and says that while God didn’t take him out of the hardship, he took him through it and he is now safely on the other side, with God. Isn’t that something we all need to remember? God doesn’t remove the hardship from our lives but He will get us through it in His own way.
What a beautiful reminder as we move into this coming week. Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go.

Anywhere With Jesus

Words:  Jessie Brown Pounds (1887)
v.3:        Helen Alexander Dixon (1910)
Music:   D. B. Towner (1887)

Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go
Anywhere He leads me in the is world below;
Anywhere without Him dearest joys would fade;
Anywhere with Jesus I am not afraid.


Anywhere, anywhere!  Fear I cannot know;
Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go.

Anywhere with Jesus I am not alone;
Other friends may fail me, He is still my own;
Though His hand may lead me over drearest ways,
Anywhere with Jesus is a house of praise.


Anywhere with Jesus over land and sea,
Telling souls in darkness of salvation free;
Ready as He summons me to go or stay,
Anywhere with Jesus when He points the way.


Anywhere with Jesus I can go to sleep,
When the dark’ning shadows round about me creep,
Knowing I shall waken never more to roam;
Anywhere with Jesus will be home, sweet home.



At Home.

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