The Greatest Commands – hymn

Partly in honor of Valentine’s Day and partly because this scripture is beautiful.

The Greatest Commands

We work with the girls on scripture memory. That is just a big part of what we do. And I can tell you why – not only does the word of God tell us we need to know the word, but there have been many times in my life when I wish I knew more. I have regretted not having spent more time in memorizing God’s love letter to me. This hymn is straight out of scripture. Beautiful! And when you memorize songs easily, this makes memorizing scripture easy, too. There are three other parts to this particular hymn but I’m just sharing the soprano line because it is straight from I John 4:7-8. All my Bible class kiddos for the last three or four years have learned this one. I wonder how many of them still remember where the scripture is found.


The Greatest Commands

scripture: I John 4:7-8

words and music: Janice Detweiler

Love one another for love is of God.

He who loves is born of God and knows God.

He who does not love does not know God

For God is love. God is love.


At Home.


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