Crazy Days

I am writing this little post to just encourage you the next time you have a series of crazy days.

This week, we decided to make it Spring Break. At Home Dad has vacation this week and we had a couple of projects around the house we wanted to get done. So, we took time off from school. Sort of.

Now, that is kind of said with a bit of sarcasm since we live a life of learning. And this week, the girls have been learning about cleaning and prepping a room for painting, how to do the painting, and how long it actually takes to paint. (Can I just say I still get annoyed at Trading Spaces whenever I think about painting? They always said it only took $40 worth of paint and a few hours to completely change the look of a room. I have NEVER been able to paint a room in a few hours, let alone only spend $40 to do it!)

We had the awesome privilege of having Mr. Mike show us how they get paint tinted. He showed the girls the machine that matches color and then how the computer system works to get the dye correctly into the can. He opened up the machine to show them the dye and then talked them through the whole process. It was a fun learning experience for the girls. (See? We find field trips everywhere!)

paint field trip

With our state being a part of Super Tuesday, they also went with us to vote. That was an interesting process and even though we have been discussing the elections for a while (remember our Home School In The Woods review on elections?), there was still a continuing discussion about why we vote. The girls got to see most of the process – they wouldn’t let them go with us to the actual voting booth. They did an amazing job, especially considering we had a wait. It helped emphasize the importance of voting, though.

Between trying to keep up with a couple of reviews we are working on (Rainforest Journey, Memoria Press literature, Times Tales, and Writers In Residence), painting, regular stuff like dance classes and church – it has been a bit crazy around here.

Welcome to life! Right? How is your crazy life going?

At Home.

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