Change of Routine – Middle School Monday


Do you go through times when you just don’t find as much time to do the things you want to? Well, blogging has been one of those things I have not been spending as much time on as I might want to lately and that is due to two things: 1) At Home Dad’s schedule has been different for a couple of weeks and we have one more to go, then back to normal; and 2) last week was Spring Break for the local schools and so there were some special activities planned around town.

Free activities + needing a change of routine = fun times.

Mr. Potato Head

So, we went to the museum twice last week and we’ll be going again a couple of times this week. We learned about several different tasks necessary in a home/homestead about 120 years ago. We visited the Mr. Potato Head/Tinkertoys exhibit. And we watched a showing of Toy Story. We had our normal library and art classes. Plus it was super rainy and the girls played outside a bunch in the rain.

grinding chores at the museum

It made for a fun week. I was hoping to get back to “routine” this week but that isn’t going to happen. As I mentioned, we’ll be heading back to the museum some this week for some more of their activities (today is “chore day” in the village and it is sunny! Yea!), we are trying to get some big projects finished up that are due at the L2L convention in a couple of weeks, and we need to get our garden in. We’ll still get our schooling in but it is definitely going to look “off” of routine.

Jackson Pollack

What are some of the things you are working on that give you a change of routine?

At Home.

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