5 Days of Tips: Follow that Rabbit Trail

Follow That Rabbit TrailDo you follow rabbit trails easily? Do you know what I mean by rabbit trails? What I mean is when something you are studying creates a secondary area of interest to you or your children. Do you follow that interest and learn more about that?

Yea. We do. And that is why it takes us so long to complete studies sometimes. We have been following a rabbit trail for a couple of days now related to a music study we are doing. We have been studying Schubert from the Music Appreciation: Book 1 for the Elementary Grades by Zeezok. (Review is now up. – 5/9/16) It mentioned that he enjoyed playing the hackbrett, or piano. But in our workbook, it was noted that a hackbrett is not actually a piano but a hammered string instrument, similar to a hammered dulcimer.

hammered dulcimer played

We own a hammered dulcimer so the girls asked if we could get it out. So, out it came. We have played a few songs. The girls have played some on it. We have sung along to it and talked about how the notes are produced on it.

hammered dulcimerWe have also done a bit of online research about the hackbrett, finding out how it is different from a hammered dulcimer. What we have found is really interesting.

  • It is a traditional Austrian instrument.
  • Each pitch has 3 or 4 strings.
  • The strings are struck with a small mallet, called a hammer.
  • It is nothing like a piano, except for the fact that a hammer hits a string.

Add in a few random tips like Austria is the country where the Sound Of Music takes place, where it is in relation to Germany and the Netherlands, and other composers who lived there and we had a lot of information flying around as we ran down that rabbit trail.

We have also looked up some links in YouTube of folks playing the hackbrett. These two have been my favorite.

Video 1 – man giving demonstration of hackbrett; lots of technique in his playing

Video 2 – girl playing hackbrett; gives great view of strings and bridges at the beginning

This has been a fun rabbit trail and taught us things we didn’t know.

Don’t be afraid to follow those rabbit trails that present themselves. You might learn something you didn’t know and your children will learn that it is okay to follow those ideas when they pop up. That is how some of the most amazing inventions come about – someone followed an idea.

Here’s to the rabbit trails that come up in your education!

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4 thoughts on “5 Days of Tips: Follow that Rabbit Trail

  1. Dawn @ Guiding Light April 1, 2016 at 7:31 am Reply

    It seems like some of our best learning happens when we follow “rabbit trails”!

  2. Our Worldwide Classroom April 1, 2016 at 4:58 pm Reply

    Following rabbit trails is something we always relished in, but it seems over the years this has gone by the wayside. Thank you for the reminder.

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