Precious Memories – hymn

Precious MemoriesThis past weekend, we attended the funeral for a very sweet lady. She was always at Bible class and worship. She was a part of every activity she could be. She was involved in our church. Her example is beyond words. We love and respect Mrs. Esta so much!

This song is one I often forget. It was one we sang at Mrs. Esta’s funeral. How beautiful, what a reminder, that our past will propel us forward. I know that I look to my “precious memories” for hope and encouragement when I am having a low day. It is an encouragement to see those hopeful times, those things of the past that remind us of the future, of our home to come. This is one I hope we sing a whole lot more.

I saw this scripture with the hymn. Definitely appropriate.
Proverbs 10:7 – The memory of the righteous will be a blessing…

At Home.


Precious Memories
music and lyrics: J.B.F. Wright (1925)

Precious memories, unseen angels,
Sent from somewhere to my soul;
How they linger, ever near me,
And the sacred past unfold.

Precious memories, how they linger
How they ever flood my soul.
In the stillness of the midnight,
Precious sacred scenes unfold.

In the stillness of the midnight,
Echoes from the past I hear;
Old time singing, gladness bringing,
From that lovely land somewhere.


As I travel on life’s pathway,
Know now what the years may hold;
As I ponder, hope grows fonder,
Precious memories flood my soul.



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