The Way of the Cross – hymn

The Way of the Cross Leads Home

Which way are you going?

I have been reading a book for children about baptism and there was a wonderful illustration in the book about two paths. One was the wide, easy path full of things that look really wonderful but leave you wanting more, never full, and at the end is a very slippery slope that leave the hiker no choice but to fall into the lake of fire. The other path is narrow, uphill all the way, hard, overgrown and difficult but there is a fountain just up the way that will fill you forever, helping you on your way, and when you reach the end of the path you meet the King and His Son and there is no sorrow, no pain, eternal joy, eternal life. The book asks which path the child would want to take.

That same question is before us each day. There are many attractive things along the wide path but we have to be more thoughtful about which way we are going. The narrow path is marked by a cross, marked by blood, but filled with hope, faith, and the joy of life with a Savior who bore all of our sins.

I strive for home on “the way of the cross.” After all, what more perfect example can we have for our lives than to follow the path of the one who gave his life on the cross?

At Home.


The Way of the Cross

words: Jessie Brown Pounds (1906)
music: Charles H Gabriel (1906)

v1: I must needs go home by the way of the cross: There’s no other way but this; I shall ne’er get sight of the Gates of Light If the way of the cross I miss. refrain

The way of the cross leads home.
The way of the cross leads home.
It is sweet to know, as I onward go,
The way of the cross leads home.

v2: I must needs go on in the blood-sprinkled way, The path that the Savior trod, If I ever climb to the heights sublime, Where the soul is at home with God. refrain

v3: Then I bid farewell to the way of the world, To walk in it nevermore; For my Lord says, “Come,” and I seek my home, Where He waits at the open door. refrain





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