Beric the Briton ~ a TOS review

Do you enjoy audio books? What about movies? What if you could combine the  best of both worlds? Enter Heirloom Audio Productions. They bring an amazing Christian historic story combined with top-rated actors to create an audio production that is phenomenal. The newest release is Beric the Briton and it is unmatched in quality and excitement.

Beric the Briton review

Heirloom Audio is a company that is dedicated to bringing families quality entertainment that teaches Christian values through history. Using the novels of G.A. Henty, they research thoroughly the background of the story and the specific hero/heroine for the novel. Then, rewriting the story into script form, they use technology to bring you a blockbuster movie without the screen. It truly is an amazing work of art.

Beric the Brinton CD coverSynopsis: Beric the Briton is the newest release by Heirloom Audio and we were excited to get to review it. This story takes place in the first century. Beric is a young Briton during the time when Briton is pagan, worshipping many gods, and living in tribes ruled by chiefs. Mostly, the tribes were united, especially against the Romans who are at this point trying to take over Briton. Beric’s mother is ruling his tribe at the beginning of the story but it isn’t long before Beric comes of age and the tribe agrees that it is time for him to rule.

Beric knows the Romans pretty well. He had been captured by them when he was younger and lived among them for five years. He was eventually allowed to return home but by that time, he could see the good among the Romans and the knowledge that they had. He knew that Rome was not all evil. The tribes didn’t necessarily agree with him.

However, Rome decided to invade Briton and Beric was forced to fight. He was again captured by Rome. He was taken to Rome, along with Amelia and Julius, Romans he had lived with previously. While in Rome, he was introduced to Christianity and came to believe in Jesus. This put him in a terribly dangerous situation. You see, Nero was ruling and he was trying to do away with all Christians.

Lesson: This brings us to what is truly a blessing from Heirloom Audio. They focus on people from history that have a belief in Christ and whose story teaches a truth about Christ. For Beric, it is that since he is a Christian living among Romans with an ruler who hates Christian, he must decide how to live his faith. He was a captive under a ruler doing away with Christians. He was vulnerable. Yet – he chose to believe in Christ and allow his faith in Christ to rule in his life.

What a lesson for all of us. Especially in this day and age. Our faith in Christ needs to shine as Beric’s did.

Beric the Briton inside CDs

Related Materials: As part of the TOS Review Crew, we were not only give the set of CDs for this amazing story. We were also given access to some of the extras that are available at various purchase levels. We received the Study Guide, a behind-the-scenes video, an ebook of the G.A. Henty novel, a printable poster of the cast, an MP3 file of the soundtrack, an MP3 file of the production, and a printable poster of the quote from Julius in the story.

The ebook has been an amazing read. It is such a joy to get to read where the story originated with G.A. Henty. It gives you additional information. I loaded this on my Kindle and took it on vacation to read. The posters would be nice if you have a student who enjoys decorating their room with posters or if you have a space you place inspirational quotes. They are beautiful and easy to print off or send to a local print shop to print for you. The MP3 files are simple to use and transfer well to various electronic devices. I placed these files in my Kindle and we listened to them on a road trip. I didn’t have to take the discs with us and we could listen even if we were away from a player. But I really want to discuss the Study Guide.

Beric posterStudy Guide:  Heirloom Audio Productions has improved their Study Guide for each new release they have made and this one is no different. This guide is chock full of materials to help create a full unit study. The guide has a bundle of materials that can be completed by an individual or a group. The guide includes questions, vocabulary, activities, Bible studies, and background information.

The Study Guide begins with some background information on the writer of the original novel, G.A. Henty. It also includes background information on Nero and Queen Boadicea. The guide takes the listener through the discs one track section at a time. A fantastic feature is that each page lists at the top the disc and track number, along with the running time so you can easily locate the section of the disc related to the discussion on the page. Each page features a section on listening well (comprehension and listening questions), thinking further (deeper comprehension and application questions, along with some outside information and application), and defining words (vocabulary).

Sprinkled throughout these pages are additional activities that enrich and expand the understanding of the time. These include recipes to make, background on customs, images, and additional information on important items from the story (such a gladiators and coins).

There is a listing of additional resources that can be consulted to learn more about the Britons and the Romans from the 1st century. There is additional historical information on Beric the Briton and the colosseum from Rome during the time of the persecution of Christians. And there are three Bible studies: the importance of studying history, Thou Shalt Not Kill, and One Way.

We had the study guide printed so that it could be used in several ways. Our favorite way to use it is to talk about the questions out loud. We will use the guide more in-depth this fall and Miss E will notebook some of the questions. I feel they lend themselves to this format really well.

 Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

Our Take: As usual,  Heirloom Audio Productions has created an amazing product that teaches so much history that it is difficult to put into words. The quality of the production and the story are worth so much more than the cost of purchase. When you have something that your child listens to 10 or 15 times, you know it is good. And when the lessons learned are so much bigger than history, when they teach the truths of God, it is something worth grabbing and hanging onto.

Thank you to Miss E, age 12, for helping write this review and enjoying history presented by Heirloom Audio so much. It is a joy to share these moments.

At Home.

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 Heirloom Audio Productions presents Beric The Briton


Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

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