7th grade curriculum

7th Grade Curriculum

We’ve talked about schedule so I figured I would fill in the details of what the curriculum pieces are that actually fill that schedule.

 Bible: Bible Bowl materials for Lads to Leaders this year cover Ruth, Esther, and Job. So her daily reading is over one or more of those books. She has a binder with study helps, questions, and other materials. We also use Quizlet to help us go through the questions. We also do a KidSing memorization program at church and she is working on the fourth card, covering all of Genesis.

Math: Horizons 6 – We are working through book 6 at a steady pace. We aren’t out to win any medal with this but rather to understand the concepts and to get through it with peace.

Science: Apologia Astronomy – We are using the newest version of the Exploring Creation with Astronomy (review coming up in a few weeks). So far, it has been lots of fun and Miss E completes notebooking pages (remember NotebookingPages.com?) for each reading. The family does the activities and experiments together.

Literature: various – We are creating a reading list that will include a large number of classical literature books. She will do several notebooking pages to go along with each book.

Grammar: Middle School Grammar by Brookdale House – Miss E is completing a couple of pages of this book each day. It covers all aspects of grammar and includes extremely high quality passages as copywork.

Writing: Jump In by Sharon Watson – I stumbled upon this program and bought it because it was on clearance. I really like it and Miss E seemed to be pretty excited about it after reading the letter that the author wrote to the student. She covers one skill per day.

History: Olympics and Texas History – These are the two things we are covering this fall. The Olympic study will be a short term unit covering the events and working on a lapbook or two regarding the events and Brasil and history of the competition. Texas History is still in the works, though I found a good program that I am looking pretty closely at to make sure I am happy with it. These history studies tie in with her literature program.

Spelling: Phonetic Zoo from IEW – This is a challenging list of words that only takes a few minutes a day. We will keep on with this program.

Poetry: Poetry Memorization from IEW – This is a fun memorization program that takes a few minutes a day and Miss E is doing well with it.

Arts (foreign language, music, dance, art): Miss E is studying ASL and will be taking lessons with a wonderful teacher from church. She has begun studying the hammered dulcimer and we are working on finding a book to teach her from but her ear is pretty good for it and she is picking things up pretty quickly already. Dance is just a daily practice session of what she is doing in her dance classes each week. Art will be a combination of Artistic Pursuits lessons (either from the grade level books or from Construct), lessons from the internet, and classes at the Art Center.

As a list, this looks long and full. She does most of these four days a week (math and Bible are five days) and if she finishes something ahead of her scheduled time, she can either push forward and go on to the next thing or she can go read a book until the next scheduled time comes up. We haven’t been at it long enough yet to know how it is going to work but I have high hopes.

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