Here We Are But Straying Pilgrims

I don’t really have much to say today but I will leave this lovely song here for you to ponder. This is one that often pops into my head. I love the unison melody to begin, with the four-part harmony coming in for the refrain. That is something that really pulls the words to the forefront for me and puts that focus on heaven.

You can listen to a beautiful singing of this hymn at Great Songs Chapel.

Here We Are But Straying Pilgrims

Here We Are But Straying Pilgrims

words: Isaac Newton Carman (1863)
music: William Oscar Perkins

1 Here we are but straying pilgrims;
Here our path is often dim;
But to cheer us on our journey,
Still we sing this wayside hymn:

Yonder over the rolling river,
Where the shining mansions rise,
Soon will be our home for ever,
And the smile of the blessèd Giver
Gladdens all our longing eyes.

2 Here our feet are often weary
On the hills that throng our way;
Here the tempest darkly gathers,
But our hearts within us say: [Refrain]

3 Here our souls are often fearful
Of the pilgrim’s lurking foe;
But the Lord is our defender,
And He tells us we may know: [Refrain]


At Home.


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