I Love Thee So – hymn

This was one I didn’t know but was very easy to sing because it was set to a folk song that I am very familiar with. I enjoy learning new-to-me, tried-and-true hymns. This one seems to fit that bill and it was beautiful to sing.

It was actually very hard to find information regarding this hymn. Best I can find is that the lyrics were written by Leonard Gordon sometime around 1930 using the tune “Londonderry Air,” also known as “Danny Boy.”  Of the information I did find, it seems to be the opinion that this is not found in very many hymnals. I’ll have to pull out some of our older ones and see if I can find it in them. Regardless, the sentiment expressed is lovely.

At Home.

I Love Thee So

I Love Thee So

words by Leonard A. Gordon, 1930

1. My Savior dear, I love thee, O I love thee,
For Thou hast made my blinded eyes to see,
Redeemed by soul upon the cross of Calv’ry,
And from the bonds of sin hath made me free.

I now am happy in Thy loving favor,
I would that others this great love should know;
I’ll praise Thy name thro’out the endless ages,
My Savior dear, my Savior dear, I love thee so.

2. When stormy clouds of doubt and sin were raging,
And I was tossed upon the sea of life,
You whispered peace and every wave obeyed Thee,
You gave me power to conquer every strife.

3. My Savior dear, how can I e’er repay Thee,
For Thy great love and sacrifice for me?
I feel, dear Lord, that I am so unworthy
Of Thy atoning blood that made me free.


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