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We took the month of September off due to some craziness in schedules. We are now back. Our next post will occur on the 3rd of November. The book for that discussion will be:


The Bronte Plot by Katherine Reay

This is a fiction story that someone had recommended to me. So, I grabbed it without actually knowing much about it. I think it was a good recommendation. More about that next month. . .



For this month, I want to encourage you to read Ben-Hur, written by Lew Wallace. Ever read it? I hadn’t even thought it is on that imaginary list of “everyone should have read.” Goes right along with that same kind of list for movies, doesn’t it?

ben-hur-coverWell, I decided to read Ben-Hur and I am so glad I did. Lew Wallace was one the governor of New Mexico but I didn’t even know that until a short while ago. Once I knew that, I was more determined to find time to read this epic book. The full title is Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

Wow! Never knew that part, either. A Tale of the Christ. I was shocked about how much Bible history was included in this story. Parts of it I know are embellished or the details of created but it was still a terribly enjoyable read.

I know from background reading that I did that Lew Wallace knew a lot about what he wrote and so I believe that a lot of the details, such as how merchants did their work and how messengers would have been dispatched and how “inns” worked, etc., are accurate. This was a fascinating part of the story to me.

And really, the part that I knew about – the chariot race – really isn’t what this story was about at all. Everyone seems to have focused on this part of the story but it is a very small portion. While it is a driving force in parts of the story, it isn’t the focus of the story.

Ben-Hur begins with the wise men trying to find the child that the star is propelling them to. It goes all the way through time until after the crucifixion. It is a compelling read.

Definitely high on my list of recommendations. I found a copy free for the Kindle. I am certain most libraries would have it. Want to read what is written about it on Wikipedia? Click here.

Now, I need to find a copy of the movie and see how well it echoes the true story by Lew Wallace.

Please join Wendy and me this month in reading The Bronte Plot then pop back over here on November 3rd and share your thoughts on the book, either in the comments or by writing a blog post and sharing the link with us.

At Home.


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