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On Monday, Jan 2, the Virtual Curriculum Fair will begin. This is an online curriculum share by a group of 20+ bloggers. Each week in January, there will be a new curriculum or homeschooling topic discussed and shared. From resources to ideas to encouragement, this group will have so much to share with you about how their home and homeschool run.

2017 Virtual Curriculum Fair Themes:

Jan. 2—See How We Learn, the Nuts and Bolts of What Makes Our Homeschools Come Together

Jan. 9—Playing with Words, the Language Arts

Jan. 16—Discovering Patterns, Math and the Mathematical Sciences

Jan. 23—Exploring Our World, Social Studies and the Exploratory Sciences

Jan. 30—Seeking Beauty, the Fine Arts and Everything that Brings Beauty into our Homeschools

Each blogger will address these topics in their own unique way with their own unique view from their own unique family. Lots of interesting ideas and helpful things come out of a series like this. I encourage you to visit each of the blogs each week if you can possibly make time. You will gain much each week if you do.

The bloggers joining me in this endeavor to encourage and help homeschooling families worldwide include:

Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds (HOSTESS)

Laura H. @ Four Little Penguins

LauraOinAK @ Day by Day in Our World

Lisa N. @ Golden Grasses

Jacquelin C. @ A Stable Beginning

Jennifer King @ A Peace of Mind

Michele Pleasants @ Family, Faith and Fridays

Joelle @ Homeschooling for His Glory

Amanda H @ Hopkins Homeschool

Christy @ Unexpected Homeschool

Brittney @ Mom’s Heart

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break

Yvie Field @ Gypsy Road

Dana Lambert @ Luv’N Lambert Life

Debra B. @ Footprints in the Butter

Sarah J @ Delivering Grace

Annette @ A Net in Time

Lori H @ At Home: where life happens

Jeniffer @ Thou Shall Not Whine

Lizzy Peach @ Peaches @Home

Meghan W. @ Quiet In The Chaos

Amy L. @ Adorable Chaos

Kristen Hamilton @ Sunrise to Sunset

Kim @ Good Sweet Love

Jennifer @ A Glimpse of Our Life

We are gearing up and making plans. Won’t you join us? See you Monday for the Virtual Curriculum Fair 2017.


At Home.




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