Happy Independence Day

A quick note to say that I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day, even if you aren’t American and celebrating it today. We sent the oldest giggly girl off on a mission trip first thing this morning and then we will head over to eat some hot dogs with family for lunch. Dinner will probably be with our city’s celebration while waiting for the fireworks over the Bosque River around Baylor. At least that is the plan.

We never know, though, do we? That is a daily reminder as we have had so many that we cherish that have been in pain for one reason or another. Plane crash took the life of a man I attended school with and his son. Husband of a dear friend passed away unexpected, leaving her and her two children to grieve. Sweet boy is in the hospital awaiting testing, hoping to rule out some very serious conditions. Another young man we care about is going to be undergoing some serious medical treatments, the outcome of which is unknown. Many others have lost loved ones recently and we think of them daily. Many others are worried, or hurting, or lost.

Each day can create quite a surprise. That is why, on this Independence Day, I am not only celebrating America’s independence but mine. God has given me a place in this country where I can worship Him and Him alone. I have no fear and know that He is in control. While I pray for peace and healing on this earth, I know that God has the plan in place and that He is giving peace to those who seek Him. Whether peace and healing come on this earth or not, they will come. God is our provider and I rest in that knowledge.

At Home.


One thought on “Happy Independence Day

  1. Annette V July 5, 2017 at 1:06 pm Reply

    Very true. We do, at this point in time have freedom to worship.

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