Who At My Door Is Standing? – hymn

This is one of those that I had forgotten yet we sang often at the congregation I grew up at. The simple lyrics remind us that Jesus is waiting for us. He is knocking at our hearts, waiting patiently for us to answer Him, to let Him enter and rule our lives. I find the third verse pretty, oh, touching, I guess. He is waiting patiently. Jesus waits so long, in fact, that the question is posed “aren’t you tired of waiting on me?” Are you making Jesus wait? Am I?

It is so easy. All we have to do is follow God’s word – hear His word, believe what He tells us there, repent of our sin, confess those sins before men, be baptized (immersed), and live faithfully according to scripture. We will fail at times in the living faithfully because we are human. But you know what? Jesus is still standing at my door, patiently drawing near. Do you hear him calling “Open the door for me. If thou wilt heed My calling, I will abide with thee.”

At Home.

Who at my door is standing

Who At My Door Is Standing?

words: Mary Bridges Canedy Slade (1876)
music: A.B. Everett

1 Who at my door is standing,
Patiently drawing near,
Entrance within demanding?
Whose is the voice I hear?

Sweetly the tones are falling;
“Open the door for me!
If thou wilt heed My calling,
I will abide with thee.”

2 Lonely without He’s staying:
Lonely within am I;
While I am still delaying,
Will He not pass me by? (Refrain)

3 All through the dark hours dreary,
Knocking again is He;
Jesus, art Thou not weary,
Waiting so long for me? (Refrain)

4 Door of my heart, I hasten!
Thee will I open wide.
Though He rebuke and chasten,
He shall with me abide. (Refrain)


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