Savior, Grant Me Rest and Peace – hymn

Savior Grant Me Rest and Peace

All too often, we spent our days without the calm and peace that should envelope the life of one who believe in Christ. Because of Christ, we have rest. We have peace. The lyrics of this hymn speak to the life we should be filled with – “Let my troubled dreams cease.”

If I am honest, all too often I say “all is well” while worry and wondering and pondering in my heart. That doesn’t mean that sadness does not, or should not, pay me a visit. But I should be truly say “all is well.” As the end of the first stanza says, please, Lord, “Teach my heart that all is well.”

If I truly trust in God, I should not be dwelling on my “cares and worries.” I will have them but those cares and worries will not dictate the joy of my heart if I have trusted my all to God.

This hymn just really spoke a peace to me, not only in the gentle, flowing melody. But also in the lyrics that reminded me that God is my rest and my peace. As you listen or read through the lyrics today, may you be reminded that God is YOUR rest and peace and let him teach you that “all is well.”

At Home.

Savior, Grant Me Rest and Peace

lyrics: Lucinda M. Beal Bateman (1877)
music: J. H. Fillmore (1877)

Savior, grant me rest and peace,
Let my troubled dreamings cease;
With the chiming midnight bell,
Teach my heart that “all is well.”

I would trust my all with Thee,
All my cares and sorrows flee,
Till the breaking light shall tell
Night is past, and “all is well.”

I would seek Thy service, Lord,
Leaning on They promise-word;
Let my hourly labors tell
I am Thine, and “all is well.”



2 thoughts on “Savior, Grant Me Rest and Peace – hymn

  1. Annette V December 8, 2017 at 2:13 pm Reply

    this one is brand new to me. good words.

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