God’s Law – statute

God's Law statutes

A statute – makes me think of very thick, very difficult to understand legal books. Written in “legalese.” Those are full of statues, right? Legal definitions and laws are often referred to in terms of statutes. And that is right.

Statute: a written law passed by a legislative body; a rule of an organization or institution; (in biblical use) a law or decree made by a sovereign, or by God. (from Google dictionary search)

This last definition is labeled as archaic, old. But it is really the most up-to-date, relevant set of laws and decrees we need to know about.

God’s word was written down as law by those he chose. They wrote down the words He gave them. They did not choose what they wanted to write. So, when we look at the Bible, we should be seeing a law book.

There is definitely more than “law” in the Bible but we need to not be so quick to dismiss that which we should be living by. Laws are what we are given to help us be successful within a specific society. If you go to Canada, you abide by Canadian law. If you go to Iceland, you abide by their laws, their statues. So, why do we not so readily abide by the statutes, the laws written down by God, if we want to be a part of His kingdom?

I propose that it is that we have strayed and been led astray by some false teachings, which sound so nice that we readily agree to treat them as God’s law, His statutes. It is easy to do, isn’t it?

I am easily led by the Evil One to become relaxed in my approach to my life, to live according to what I want, what sounds good to me, what sounds nice or easy or pleasant. As a child of God, I am not to listen to that false teacher who is trying to lead me away from God.

Psalm 119 has many places where God has used the word statute (in the NIV). Looking at the theme among these verses I see a repetition. This repetition is a thing in God’s word, isn’t it? Could it be that I need this repetition because I am hard-headed? Don’t answer that, please. I already know that I am.

  • being blessed because I keep his statutes
  • rejoicing in the statutes and seeing them as great riches
  • being set aside from those who do NOT keep the statutes
  • statutes are a delight
  • holding fast to the statutes
  • being turned toward the statutes and away from selfish gain
  • speaking boldly about the statutes
  • being careful to turn steps toward the statutes
  • being brought together with those who understand God’s statutes
  • obeying the statutes and being preserved
  • pondering statutes, even when the wicked are waiting to destroy
  • meditating on the statutes
  • statutes are a heritage, a joy forever
  • being taught to understand the statutes
  • statutes are trustworthy and righteous
  • God’s statutes are going to last forever; they have been established that way

So much in Psalm 119 is there to encourage, to remind. God has not just thrown something together here – this has been created, established, planned.

God’s law – His statutes – are here for me, not for his control. They are here to preserve my life. To give me joy. To strengthen me in time when others are hurting me. To give me a reason to be still. To give me something worthy to think about, to ponder, to consider. To give me food for thought.

And in having these statutes, I have law, legal standards and rules to follow. You see, as a human, I need rules to follow. If I don’t have these rules, I will follow my heart and my heart is fickle. It goes wherever “feels” good right now. I need to have my head in control, knowing what God has given me.

So, I meditate on God’s law. And in doing so, I see God’s love. I see God’s plan. I see the strength that God has built into His creation, of which I am a part. I am built to follow statutes and so I do, God’s. God’s statutes give me guidance, strength, peace, and joy. A path to follow and a place to go. Heaven. I don’t want to follow any other path.

There is one, maybe two, weeks left in this study of God’s law. As we wind down, I am curious where God will lead me next. This study of Psalm 119 has been a very good one for me. It has certainly challenged my writing and the way in which I share my thoughts. Perhaps my writing has grown from it. Regardless, I have grown from it. And that is the purpose of studying God’s Law – to grow.

See you next Friday, Lord willing.

At Home.


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