God’s Law ~ conclusion

God's Law series conclusion

I read through the weeks of this study and found myself dwelling on a couple of thoughts.

1 – Anytime God’s law is talked about, it uses words that imply an expected action or regulation handed down and given by one in authority. There is no wondering about the giver or the expectations. It is all right there in the words given. It IS authority.

2 – Joy and peace coming in knowing God’s word, in learning His law, in understanding His principles. That joy, that peace, is found nowhere else – only in God and His law.

I have found myself much encouraged by taking time to go through each of the words that are used to describe God’s law in Psalm 119. Each of the words really brought home to me how important God’s principles, His Law, is.

I know in my heart that God had these words written down in a particular way, that they have been translated to help us understand and that God’s hand was in all of that. But, I don’t always recognize that the words used are meant to strengthen my understanding, to increase my joy and my hope, to help me day by day. This study has really shown that to me and I am so grateful for those moments.

There are just a few words left that I noticed in my readings and I want to share those few with you today.

Testimonies – Found in verse 24, and probably others I didn’t notice before, this word draws my attention to the fact that this is truth straight from God. Isn’t that what you think about when you hear someone giving their testimony? That person is speaking the truth of what happened to them. The same is true when God uses the word – it is God’s truth and His words. That really helps me focus in on the importance of God’s words, his Law.

Salvation – Salvation is the word found in verse 81. “My soul faints for Your salvation, But I hope in Your Word.” In this use, salvation is something that is needed for life. Not only does God’s Law bring the hope referred to in the second half of the verse but it brings life. A life like no other is available but only through God’s Law, through His Word.

Counselors – I know I saw this word used in several places but only wrote down verse 24. In the same verse where the word testimonies was used, we see the word counselors in reference to God’s Law. Counselors are wise people who you trust to advise you in the way to go. What a wonderful description of God’s Law – wise words to show me the way I should walk, how I should be, what I should do.

There has been such encouragement for me in studying the descriptive words used as synonyms for God’s Law in Psalm 119. I hope you have found even a bit of the encouragement from it I have.

At Home.


2 thoughts on “God’s Law ~ conclusion

  1. Annette V March 5, 2018 at 11:20 am Reply

    It’s been a good series and sometimes I’ve been left without words cause I think too much and then fail to get back to you on it. 🙂 (sorry) it’s good. You should do another series like this (on Fridays again when I need encouragement eh?)

    • 3gigglygirlsathome March 6, 2018 at 7:58 am Reply

      Got some thoughts scheduled for the next couple of Fridays while I decide what to tackle next. I like doing Fridays so I think I will continue.

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