My mind has been focusing pretty hard on leadership this evening. I see two kinds: one where you lead with kind words, examples, and patience and the other where you lead with power and pride.

I strive to lead my children with the first kind of leadership. I pray that I lead them with kindness, words to help them learn, an example of righting wrongs and following where/when I need to. I hope that I lead with patience and understanding.


What do we do when we believe our children have experienced the other kind of leadership? What do we do when they have been led by someone who wields their power instead of their understanding? When they punish instead of explain? When they hurt instead of help? When they use threats instead thoughtful words?

Oh, how I wish there were easy answers!

Specific instances are running through my mind. None of them included possible injury to anyone, damage to property, or anything along those lines. It was a matter of obeying a command that was given (walk, sit, etc.). No, I was not there and I can be missing a lot. But the thoughts remain. How do we teach our children when to follow and when to not?

I want my girls to maintain their fiercely independent spirits. I want them to be powerful in their understanding and kindness to others and to be able to lead that way. I want them to be powerful leaders, not because they wield their power to punish or crush someone’s spirit, but to be powerful leaders because of their ability be kind, empathetic, considerate.

Fiercely loving and fierce kindness – that is what my girls are full of. I pray that I can continue to nurture that and that the world will not beat it out of them with punishment and lack of understanding. So, once again, I find myself leaning on God’s wisdom and leadership and knowing that He has amazing plans for these girls.

At Home.



2 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. Annette V March 23, 2018 at 3:32 pm Reply

    Oh, I like this post. Good goals.

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