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Princess Cut movie

Once in a while we get a simple review to promote with the Crew. Princess Cut , a movie from Watchman Pictures, is one of those. Yet it is much more than just a movie.

Princess Cut is a family-friendly movie that promotes relationship and God’s plan for love and marriage. Grace is a young woman who has been struggling with love. She has been hurt and characterizes her heart as having been “passed around like a football.” She has begun to feel that God does not want her to find love and happiness.

In the midst of these struggles, Grace knows who she is and what her parents and God expect of her. But she struggles with that and finds that when she is not honest, it is very hurtful. After yet another hurt, Grace turns to her parents to guide her more directly. Her dad tells her that perhaps their priorities have been wrong and they have been trying to reap a harvest before planting the seed. This illustration is perfect since the family grows and harvests soybeans for a living.

When Grace decides to focus on getting her own life right and building up the family relationships she has, God brings a neighbor into her family’s lives. Clint becomes one the family trusts and cares for. Their friendships grow and Clint approaches Grace’s father and mother to ask their permission to pursue more of a relationship with Grace.

Through a friendship approach to getting to know each other more, Grace and Clint come to care deeply for each other. When someone from Clint’s past shows up, things become complicated. When it looks like Grace is about to be hurt yet again, her mother and father guide her well. The ending of the movie brings things pretty well full circle and we end with a smile on our faces and a warm feeling in our hearts.

waiting on God's timing for true love

What I thought:

I really enjoyed the movie. It is a make-you-feel-good kind of movie. There is much in this movie that is fairly true to life, especially when young women look around and see so much “love” and “romance” happening around them. It is easy to have your focus swayed away from God’s will for your life. The themes of this movie bring us back to God and allowing Him to move in your life, bringing about the love and faithfulness in His plan.

The theme of this movie is “True love is worth waiting for.” I like that but it needs a bit more since this phrase is often directed towards the physical parts of a relationship. The movie’s theme is more – true love is worth waiting on God’s timing for. Grace is urged and guided by her parents to wait for God to direct her path and in doing so, she finds a man who will walk beside her the way God designed marriage. That is a beautiful picture.

My girls really enjoyed the movie. Miss E has watched it more than once, also wanting to share it with her friends. I appreciate the quality of the movie and the focus on God’s will in Grace’s life. I also really appreciate that Grace turns to her parents for guidance. These are good models for the girls as they approach and move further into their teen years.

We had some really good discussions about love and friendship and relationships in watching this movie. The girls had a few questions and the movie provided a framework to look at some ideas through. My youngest asked questions about why the boy was mad that Grace did not feel he was the right person for her to date. My oldest had some deeper questions about how to follow God if someone is not a Christian. Lots of good discussions can come out of this.

There is a scene that I want to warn you about because it is unexpected and my youngest would hide her eyes. Towards the end, there is a scene in the barn where the jilted man decides to attack someone with a shovel. There is no contact and everyone is safe in the end but it could be scary for a younger viewer.

The extras will provide some hooting laughter, too. My girls have watched, over and over, the extended versions of the men who came to the door to answer the want ad in the movie. These are hilarious and lots of fun. These are the types of things that help a movie become a family favorite and I think Princess Cut is going to make that cut.

Overall, we were very pleased with the quality of the movie – from the themes to the real-to-life family scenes (big sister/little brother – bet you can imagine!) – we would not have a problem recommending this movie to others.

At Home.

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5 thoughts on “Princess Cut ~ a Crew review

  1. homeworkandhorseplay April 11, 2018 at 9:16 am Reply

    This sounds like a very sweet story. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Annette V April 13, 2018 at 6:26 am Reply

    I’m always a bit leery of Christian movies, finding them too slow or poorly acted. Is this one pretty good in the regard?

    • 3gigglygirlsathome April 13, 2018 at 9:53 am Reply

      I thought so but then I enjoy movies that are pleasant, show real life and family, and are not so overly produced that you KNOW it could never really happen. This one? It is pretty close to how life could really be so while others didn’t like the acting and felt it was done poorly, I liked it a lot. And, the themes were quite good. That makes up for a lot.

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