Did You Think To Pray? ~ hymn

Prayer. What is my prayer habit? What should it be? What constitutes a prayer? What requires prayer? What doesn’t?

These are questions that have been bouncing around in my head. Again. They are just some of those questions that I have to answer again and again for myself.

I have had some things on my mind and way too often, I find myself forgetting to pray about them. I pray for other things but not the things I have on my mind. Do you ever do that?  I KNOW I should pray over these things but I don’t remember. Why? Why don’t I remember?

When I do remember, I feel ever so much better. My heart is lifted and, while still not resolved, I don’t fret. At least for a while. And, then it creeps back.

I was reading a book recently and the wise older woman asked the younger man “Have you prayed about it?” His response was “As a matter of fact, I have.” Then she told him, “Why don’t you leave it in his hands, then, and let him handle it?”

That struck me quite hard. I often do this. But my goal is to do better. So, this hymn was just right for me. Do you know it?

At Home.

Did You Think To Pray

Did You Think To Pray?

lyrics: Mary A Kidder (1875)
music: William O. Perkins (1875)

1 Ere you left your room this morning,
Did you think to pray?
In the name of Christ our Savior,
Did you sue for loving favor,
As a shield today?

Oh, how praying rests the weary!
Prayer will change the night to day;
So when life seems dark and dreary,
Don’t forget to pray. 

2 When you met with great temptation,
Did you think to pray?
By His dying love and merit,
Did you claim the Holy Spirit
As your guide and stay? (Chorus)

3 When your heart was filled with anger,
Did you think to pray?
Did you plead for grace, my brother,
That you might forgive another
Who had crossed your way? (Chorus)

4 When sore trials came upon you,
Did you think to pray?
When your soul was bowed in sorrow,
Balm of Gilead did you borrow
At the gates of day? (Chorus)



2 thoughts on “Did You Think To Pray? ~ hymn

  1. Annette V May 19, 2018 at 3:56 pm Reply

    I thought I had commented… I guessed I missed it. This hymn is an excellent reminder to pray and why. Good stuff.

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