Finding Mentors

Finding Mentors

I have been thinking a lot lately about who helps and encourages the girls. There are times when they need encouragement or guidance from someone other than me and At Home Dad.

Let’s face it – there are some things that I just don’t know about. So when I find those, I have tried to seek out others who do. Sometimes, though, those we have sought out just aren’t doing enough to encourage the girls. Sometimes, the girls become just another of the kids in the group being taught.

We are really blessed to have a sign language instructor for Miss E who not only knows about sign language and can guide her along a course of study that makes sense for her but strongly pushes her spiritual growth, too. She blesses us so much through her teaching and encouraging of Miss E.

The others, though? I have found myself wondering how to find instructors that really care about what the long term goals are. The dance school where they have attended for years is really a find place. But I find myself struggling to get answers to questions and seeing that they are not caring about Miss L’s long term goals. So maybe it is time to find a new dance school. That is daunting to me, to be honest. I really like where she has been but do want someone who cares to challenge her (and not just get more money from us out of it).

Miss J is a little young to have this same concern with but it does have me wondering about what she will need in the future.

How do you do it? How do you find someone who really, truly wants to encourage and challenge growth in your students?

At Home.



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