Mega Field Trip

Mega Field Trip

We returned a couple of weeks ago from a mega field trip and we had such a good time. We spent three weeks (almost) on the road, stopping at interesting places we found in between a couple of scheduled places. This trip was a few years in the making (and saving for) but it was definitely worth it.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you a number of the stops we made and encourage you to find your way there if you are ever able to. We do not regret a single stop.

Our only disappointment is that Hurricane Michael’s path altered the last few days of our trip. We had planned to return home along the Gulf Coast from central Florida. When we saw the anticipated arrival and place of landfall, we decided to change our plans. We headed farther north and then across so that we were out of the way of those who were making emergency plans and trying to evacuate. It is sad that the next time we are able to go through those areas they will look nothing like what we would have seen. However, we are safe and we did not disrupt those trying to get to safety. And that is what mattered.

So, here are a few of the places that I’ll be sharing about in the coming weeks, so you can look forward to them:

  • Conner Prairie
  • Wright Brothers Museum
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • Pocahontas State Park
  • Washington, DC
  • beach in Florida
  • New Bern, NC
  • and more.

I hope you join us as we recall some of the times we enjoyed on our meanderings.

At Home.

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2 thoughts on “Mega Field Trip

  1. Annette V October 26, 2018 at 12:24 am Reply

    I can hardly wait

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