It May Be At Morn ~ hymn

It May Be At Morn

It May Be At Morn, also known as Christ Returneth, is a great hymn. This is a lovely hymn that we sang a few weeks ago. If it was one I knew, I had forgotten about it. But it struck a chord with me and I enjoyed it. I found myself humming it as I went about my week. A good reminder that Jesus will be coming to claim His people and we don’t know when that will be. So we need to be prepared. Serve Him with your heart and love those around you, being gracious and compassionate, as He is toward us.

Lori, At Home.

It May Be At Morn (Christ Returneth)

lyrics: H.L. Turner (1848)
music: James McGranahan (1848)

1 It may be at morn, when the day is awaking,
When sunlight through darkness and shadow is breaking,
That Jesus will come in the fullness of glory,
To receive from the world His own.

O Lord Jesus, how long, how long
Ere we shout the glad song,
Christ returneth!
Hallelujah! hallelujah!
Amen. Hallelujah! Amen.

2 It may be at midday, it may be at twilight,
It may be, perchance, that the blackness of midnight
Will burst into light in the blaze of His glory,
When Jesus receives His own. (Refrain)

3 While its hosts cry Hosanna, from heaven descending,
With glorified saints and the angels attending,
With grace on His brow, like a halo of glory,
Will Jesus receive His own. (Refrain)

4 O joy! O delight! should we go without dying,
No sickness, no sadness, no dread and no crying.
Caught up through the clouds with our Lord into glory,
When Jesus receives His own. (Refrain)


2 thoughts on “It May Be At Morn ~ hymn

  1. Annette Vellenga (@athomepets) May 26, 2019 at 12:36 pm Reply

    this one sounds familiar to me but the words aren’t. Nice song though.

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