Library and Educational Services ~ a Crew review

Library and educational services

We have had excellent experiences with Library and Educational Services LLC in the past and were more than pleased to have an opportunity to work with them again. The company does a fabulous job of curating their options, making sure that the materials they offer do not contradict the Bible and offer much in the way of education. Whether you are looking for Bibles, DVDs, CDs, or books, this company has options that are 30-70% off of retail.


We were asked to pick one book from the Who Was . . .? What Was . . .? series. We also got to choose one of the Lifehouse Theater Audio productions and a few options from their library binding hardback series. We had a good time looking through the options and choosing titles that sounded very interesting to us. Our selections were:

  • What Was Hurricane Katrina?
  • Lifehouse Theater’s production of Pride and Prejudice
  • Great Life Stories
  • Ye, Yucky Middle Ages
  • Careers In Forensics
  • True Ocean Rescue Stories


The Who Was . . .? What Was . . .? title that we chose was What Was Hurricane Katrina? Miss E knew a bit about it but thought that she wanted to know more. She was excited to have the option to choose this book to read. Their wonderful prices make choosing more of these books to read very tempting. After all, each of the stories gives you a load of facts written in an engaging, interesting manner that keeps the reader’s attention. While Miss E is quite a bit older than the target age for this series, they are an easy read that is packed full of information.

20190706_135708The title chosen for the Lifehouse Theater is Pride and Prejudice. This is a physical CD and is a dramatized production of the story based on the 1813 Jane Austen novel. Running approximately 73 minutes, it is fully dramatized with multiple voices for the various characters. It tells the story of the Bennet family with 5 girls. The story tells of the humor and flightiness of the young ladies in the realm of love and romance during a time of serious, intentional social conventions and constrictions. Bringing out prejudice and misunderstandings, this tale stays fairly close to the true story. It is a very solid way to introduce this story to youth and with the many voices involved, it really helps the listener understand the interactions and situations that come up in the story. Lifehouse Theater productions do a great job of introducing many classics.


We also got to choose a number of books from the collection of Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction titles. These are all hardback, bound books with the solid binding quality that is found in library books. We were able to search through by topic and even by grade level, allowing for easier ways to see options that fit our needs and interests. Each of the girls chose something that sounded interesting.


Miss E chose the Great Life Stories series, a set of three biographies for older readers. This set included a biography on JRR Tolkien, Marie Curie, and Clara Barton. Each book is well-written and packed with factual information on the person. There are many primary sources cited and the text is supported with photographs. They make a fabulous addition to any study on these people but also are wonderful for just reading for interest.


Miss E also asked for Ye, Yucky Middle Ages. This is a set of four books about the Middle Ages, which she was studying this summer. The set includes the titles Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle?; Don’t Let The Barber Pull Your Teeth: Could You Survive Medieval Medicine?; Sweaty Suits of Armor: Could You Survive Being a Knight?; and There’s a Rat in My Soup: Could You Survive Medieval Food? Each book takes on a different aspect of life in the Middle Ages and being bluntly clear about the challenges that folks living in that time faced. It was an extremely different time and there is much there that would make it difficult to stay alive. It was a very interesting time and the series is helpful in understanding much mre about their lives.


Miss L asked for the series about forensics called Careers In Forensics. The series covers the different parts of learning forensics. After a study a couple of years ago, she has 20190722_202226found this line of science interesting so this series jumped out to her. The titles include: Careers in Ballistics Investigation, Careers in Fingerprint and Trace Analysis, Careers in Explosives and Arson Investigation, Careers in Criminal Profiling, and Careers in DNA Analysis. Each of these covers the application of the particular field of forensics and how it is applied in crime scene investigations. Included are such things as training, certification, types of evidence, and gather that evidence. There are also real-life cases discussed that include how the evidence from this field of forensics was used.


Miss J has been interested in real life disaster stories and the people that survived them. So we chose True Ocean Rescue Stories for her. It covers several disasters in the ocean and the rescues that happened to save the people. These sinking ships, wrecked ships, and dolphins helping surfers. These stories were not quite as fascinating as we expected but still brought our attention to different stories we didn’t know.

Library and Educational Services LLC has so many options and these few that we received this time around barely touches the surface of what they have to offer. There is much, much more on their website and in their catalog than I can touch on here. I am looking at ordering some of the Light Keepers 10 Girls books, as my oldest really enjoyed these when she was about my youngest’s age. Be sure to visit the Review Crew to read about what other families chose and see some of the other options that Library and Education Services has available.

Lori, At Home.


Miss J didn’t want me to know she was reading True Ocean Rescue Stories. She got caught! 🙂

Visit the Homeschool Review Crew to read about other families’ experiences with ordering from Library and Educational Services and to see what other books are available. Click on the image below to visit the Crew site.



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5 thoughts on “Library and Educational Services ~ a Crew review

  1. dalynnrmc August 6, 2019 at 4:20 pm Reply

    Hurricane Katrina – yet another one that boggles my brain to teach as “history.” Great choices! The Life Stories series is one I’ll have to look into when I go to order the Who Was books I need. TFS!

    • 3gigglygirlsathome August 6, 2019 at 11:27 pm Reply

      I know – these events that happened in my lifetime are things I don’t necessarily think about teaching as history for the girls. But we should. I have really enjoyed the Life Stories series.

  2. Annette Vellenga (@athomepets) August 9, 2019 at 2:03 pm Reply

    I SO wanted to be on this and was sad that I couldn’t be. I still think to get some of their books…..

    • 3gigglygirlsathome August 11, 2019 at 10:07 pm Reply

      They do have some amazing book deals! Wish you could have enjoyed the small shopping spree, also.

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