Ruth: Redemption for the Broken ~ a book review

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Ruth: Redemption for the Broken, written by Jared C Wilsom, was a Bible study I enjoyed quite a bit. The historical account of Ruth is one I turn to often. There is so much to be gleaned from the account. From provision to acceptance to redemption, Ruth is a beautiful story for one who just doesn’t “fit in.” From the perspective of Naomi, the telling of Ruth is one of faithfulness, loyalty, and love regardless of the circumstance.


A strong point of this study is the focus on the Bible account, not just finding the bits of history that are not included in the Bible that add to the story. While those things are interesting and can increase understanding, it is important that our primary source is God’s word. This study does this well by starting out with the Biblical account in each lesson.

With 8 lessons, this study is set up for a shorter time frame than is common with published studies of this sort. It is not, however, lacking depth of discussion and ideas to stretch the study a bit longer if needed. Each lesson includes 6 parts:

  1. Big Idea – the summarization of the main point of the lesson
  2. Bible Conversation – read a passage of scripture from the Bible and discuss it, using carefully crafted questions to draw your attention to the Big Idea and generate discussion
  3. Article – dealing with the Big Idea, this is the lesson’s main teaching section, written by the book’s author
  4. Discussion – a series of questions created to help apply the teaching to your life
  5. Exercise – an activity to help direct the application of the lesson to your life through varied individual exercises, the learning of which can then be shared with the group as appropriate
  6. Wrap-up and Prayer – a quick closing to the lesson that gives ideas for prayer and closing scripture

The end of the book also includes additional teaching notes for each lesson. These can be used as needed or desired by the teacher of the lesson, either in the teacher’s own preparation or read to the group during the lesson if this is done as a group.

The focus of the study of Ruth is on the final redemption of Ruth by Boaz as her kinsman. The lesson titles really show the way the story is studied.

Lesson 1 – Everything Falls Apart
Lesson 2 – The Blessing in the Bitter End
Lesson 3 – Things Take a Turn
Lesson 4 – Things Are Looking Up
Lesson 5 – The Plot Thickens
Lesson 6 – Getting to Work
Lesson 7 – Promises Coming True
Lesson 8 – It Ends With A Wedding

I used this study independently and studied about one lesson per day. Most days it took about 30 minutes. If it were used in a group setting, I imagine it would take closer to an hour to do the first four parts of the lesson. If you are shooting for an hour, you would have to break the study into two days. The last two parts of each lesson can really vary in the amount of time needed based upon how complicated the exercise is, how much introspection it take, and how much discussion occurs during the group time following the exercise.

I enjoyed this and was able to read well-written ideas that helped me consider the story in depth and in ways I had not necessarily thought before. It was a pleasant study and I can see this working well in a group setting.

This quote about the story of Ruth was interesting to me.

p 1 “Ruth is about God’s care in the midst of life’s disappointments, but it is also a story about family. There’s a legacy in this book, and an inheritance.”

Seek through this study of Ruth to learn about family, you being part of God’s family and redeemed, just as Ruth became part of Boaz’s family when she was redeemed. Embrace your redemption and your family. This historical account of Ruth with help you with just that.

Ruth study

Lori, At Home.

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6 thoughts on “Ruth: Redemption for the Broken ~ a book review

  1. Annette Vellenga (@athomepets) January 3, 2020 at 2:47 pm Reply

    I’ve not considered studying the book of Ruth with the lad. I am looking for a number of studies to do with him.

    • 3gigglygirlsathome January 3, 2020 at 2:57 pm Reply

      It is one that we tend to lean towards the girls with but there is so much in there for everyone. When we did Ruth 3 years ago with the Bible Bowl team, it was a really rich study.

    • 3gigglygirlsathome January 3, 2020 at 2:58 pm Reply

      Also, SchoolhouseTeachers has some neat studies that I was looking at this morning. Kind of depends on what you are wanting to do and the format you are looking for.

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