Continent Race Game ~ a Crew review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Continent Race - a geography board game

Board games can be transformative in how material is learned when you get just the right one. Geography has always been interesting to me and to find a board game to go along with it has been lots of fun. Byron’s Games has created a geography board game that can teach everything from country names to capitals to location in the world, depending on how you choose to use it. And that makes Continent Race  such a good game.

About Byron’s Games:

This company is named after a young boy who was stuck in the hospital and got bored. He was challenged by one of the staff members at the hospital and he rose to the challenge. And he started creating. The result is Byron’s Games. Byron’s purpose with the creation of Continent Race was so that other kids in the hospital could play a fun game AND learn something while they recovered. I think he was successful.

Byron’s Games has a mission, too. The company gives back to several children’s charities to help other children through difficult times. What a big heart for a young boy!

About Continent Race:

This is a geography game that is designed to teach a number of things about the world. It comes with a large board with a printed and color coded world map. Byron's Games Continent RaceIt includes over 200 flag cards that are color coded to go with the map and have the flag, country name, and capital city name.

Byron's Game Continent Race flag cards

There are also 5 continent maps that are include larger, easier to read areas of the world, color coded to the larger map and the flag cards. One side is a map and the other side is a listing of the country names from that map.

It does include a page of instructions and rules for play.

Play is simple and revolves around collecting a full set of cards for the continents. This means that each player is trying to get either 2 or 4 cards from 3 different continents in order to win. For example, since Australia/Oceania has so many few countries, you must collect 2 cards from that continent. But from all other continents, you have to collect four flag cards. Once you have a full set for 3 different continents, the game ends.

Byron's Game Continent Race winning hand

Byron’s Game Continent Race winning hand

There are included options for challenges and upping the difficulty level built right in. One of the sets of flag cards is actually color coded orange and does not coordinate with a map. This is to challenge the players to figure out which continent the flag/country belongs to.

20200206_172745Other options for increasing difficulty or upping the learning? Maybe you have to spell the country or find it on the maps before you get to claim the set as complete. Maybe you have to read and spell the capital city. What are you wanting to reinforce? Make it a part of the game.

We used the map option to increase the challenge. Miss J and I had to collect the full set for the continent and then point out each one on the map before we could lay them down.

Byron's Games Continent Race

Byron’s Games Continent Race

Miss J’s Thoughts:

It was a good game. It is interesting. I like to play it as a school game.


This is a fun game. It can be simple but sometimes simple is the very best way to reinforce or teach something. I don’t know about you but even though I enjoy geography, the way the world keeps changing borders, I don’t know all the countries. So, this helps. Additionally, as the Olympics approaches (hopefully it will be able to go on as scheduled!), this game can help prepare for those opening ceremonies where the flags are carried for all of the participating countries. Having learned many of the flags ahead of time will really make that an interesting ceremony and it will be additional connections in learning. That is what makes the world interesting!

Lori, At Home.

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Continent Race - a geography game

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