Father God Just For Today – hymn

May my steps be worship May my thoughts be praise May my words bring honor to Your name

In difficult times, it is easy to struggle. It is easy to misjudge or misunderstand when we are surrounded by news that doesn’t lend itself easily to grace and understanding. It is easy to read things into other’s messages that are not meant and to not be clear about our own meanings. So. Easy.

Too easy, honestly.

I find myself shying further and further away from general conversation in social media because I don’t want to be pulled into something emotional. Emotions tend to drive social media and emotions tend to mislead us.

I have found myself struggling to be encouraged, even amidst the great amount of sermons, music, Bible readings, and more that are posted. Why? Because there are also so many who post one thing and seeming act in opposition to that.

Because of this type of conflicting presentation, I am struggling more and more. So, I am going to turn more and more to God. I am reading my Bible more and reading other things to help me to clearly understand God’s word. I find myself singing or humming more songs of praise and this one has been stuck in my head for a couple of days now.

Because so many appear to have learned this one by ear, there are plenty of different sets of lyrics for it. Just enjoy the message and allow God to guide you that your steps my be in worship and praise and all you do brings glory to God.

Father God, Just For Today

words and music: Marc Schelske (1996)

Father God, just for today
Help me walk the narrow way
Help me stand when I might fall
Give me the strength to hear Your call


May my steps be worship
May my thoughts be praise
May my words bring honor to Your name
May my steps be worship
May my thoughts be praise
May my words bring honor to Your name


Father God, just for tonight,
Hold my hand, and hold it tight
Fill my head with thoughts of You
And bring me home when life is through


Father God, be with me now
I’ll live for You, please show me how
I’ll serve Your name in all I do
Take my life, I give it to You

Lori, At Home


2 thoughts on “Father God Just For Today – hymn

  1. Annette Vellenga (@athomepets) March 29, 2020 at 10:19 pm Reply

    I have not heard of this song before, it would be easy to learn, wouldn’t it? my friend, my prayer is that God will help settle your mind and ease the uneasiness that plagues you through all of this.

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