There Stands A Rock ~ hymn

There Stands A Rock

Do you see the Rock?

Here? There? Everywhere?

God is our Rock, our Foundation. He is our Strength at all times but especially in times of trouble and sorrow.

Uncertainty can pull at us from all sides. But seek the Rock. See the Lord. He is immovable, impenetrable. Strong.

This strong rock is calling to you and to me. “Come. I have a place of rest for you.”

Jesus is that rock that will be there for the ages, for you and for me. Come to Him and let Him be everything you need during these times.

Lori, At Home.

There Stands A Rock

lyrics: Sunday School Journal (1871)
music: Tullius C. O’Kane (1872)

1 There stands a Rock on shores of time,
That rears to heav’n its head sublime;
That Rock is cleft, and they are blest
Who find within this cleft a rest.

Some build their hopes on the ever-drifting sand; 
Some on their fame or their treasure or their land;
Mine’s on the Rock that forever shall stand,
Jesus, the “Rock of Ages.”

2 That Rock’s a cross, its arms outspread,
Celestial glory baths its head;
To its firm base my all I bring,
And to the cross of Ages cling.

3 That Rock’s a tow’r, whose lofty height,
Illumed with heav’n’s unclouded light,
Opes wide its gates beneath the dome,
Where saints find rest with Christ at home.


One thought on “There Stands A Rock ~ hymn

  1. Annette Vellenga (@athomepets) August 10, 2020 at 9:49 pm Reply

    I’ve never heard this song before, interesting words I bet it’s easy to sing with all the rhyme in it.

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