Looking For Vacation Bible School? How about joining us for an online one!

Angels in Blue Jeans Vacation Bible School flyer

Angels in Blue Jeans Vacation Bible School flyer; Artwork Copyright Molly Combs, July 2020; *dates have changed to August 10-13

Next week, August 10th – 13th, our congregation will be sharing Vacation Bible School through a public Facebook page for anyone who would like to join in online. The access page is found at Lake Shore Dr church of Christ VBS 2020.

The theme is Angels in Blue Jeans.

The idea behind Angels in Blue Jeans – The angel in blue jeans is the person who isn’t seen. They sort of blend into the crowd. But when they see a need, they step up and help, even if they are giving everything they have. A workman wears blue jeans because they are durable and last a long time. Blue jeans also represent the everyday person, not someone who was trained specifically for a particular job. Blue jeans are the symbol of someone who steps up to help.

The stories will take a look at some of the quieter people in well-known stories from the Bible. These are people who were key to the story but are not often the focus of the story. We want to encourage others to be that Angel in Blue Jeans in their home and community and congregation.

Each day at about 1:00 CST, a series of videos will post on this VBS Facebook page. There will be a video lesson, a video craft lesson, and a video puppet show. If you want to find the materials to make the crafts and are not local to us, there is a craft listing on that VBS page so you can gather what you need. If you are local and have signed up (or you let me know before Sunday, August 9), we will make a bag for you with all of the craft items you need.

We hope you will join us to explore Angels in Blue Jeans.

Lori, At Home.

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